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CNBLUE releases their 8th Japanese single Go your way on August 20th 2014 and revealed a preview music video. Single Go your way comes on 3 editions plus a fan club “BOICE” version. All the details and PV follow…

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The Sketchbook gets ready to release single We Will Survive and unveiled the jacket covers and music video. Their 10th single has tie-up as the second ending theme for kids anime Gaist Crusher plus coupling track YELL ~ Haruka Kimi e ~ is the ending theme for Fuji BS show Birth of the cool. Single We Will Survive hits stores August 27th 2014 – updated details and MV follows…

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The brilliant green (Tomoko Kawase) just released self-cover album THE SWINGIN’ SIXTIES on July 23rd 2014. The album features 10 of the band’s songs with new arrangements plus new song A Little World for 11 total tracks all with a British 60’s pop vibe. More details and preview music video follow…

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SKE48 releases their 15th single Bukiyou Taiyou (不器用太陽) on July 30th 2014 and unveiled preview music videos for team coupling tracks and title song. The single comes on for 4 pairs of editions plus a Theater CD-only version – all the details and PVs follow…

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Koda Kumi is getting ready to release single HOTEL and unveiled a preview music video plus full track list. Her 57th single comes on two main editions plus a fan club edition and Music Card versions. Summer single HOTEL hits stores August 6th 2014 – all the details and PVsw follow…

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