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Penned in at the bottom of a well, Luffy and Law are caught in a trap! But someone has come to save them who they least expect! Meanwhile, the Tontattas help Franky break in to the SMILE factory, and Bartolomeo resorts to tactics he used in the Colosseum to defend himself and protect Robin and Rebecca!

Chrono, Shion, and Tokoha participate in the “survival Vanguard” event, Chrono’s last chance to get to grade 3 in time for regionals. But he and the others have plenty of rivals on the mountain, not to mention planned obstacles and the pitfalls of a natural environment!

The night before the final against Rakuzan, Kuroko begins telling the Seirin team about his past with the Generation of Miracles. Though Kuroko joined the distinguished Teiko Middle School basketball team, he placed into the third string.

Tsukasa and Isla have to share an apartment, to help their relationship as a team grow. However at home, Isla is a very quiet and distant person. How can Tsukasa get through to her?

Shirou and Rin finally reach the castle where Illyasviel and Berserker are. However, there are other unexpected guests visiting Illyasviel.

Mamoru’s future self, King Endymion, appears before Sailor Moon and her friends. He reveals a shocking fact about Planet Earth in the future.