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There’s no man on Earth who doesn’t like panties! (Wise saying) – Of course Umio loves panties, too! (Let’s make it clear.) Sensei tells him bashfully “Do you want to see them?”

Naruto and Sasuke size up Obito as the final battle looms. Working in sync, Naruto and Sasuke prepare to attack in the same way Madara once did, bedecking Kurama in the robes of Susano’o.

Chaika arrives on the island where the emperor’s fortune is said to exist, but she’s quickly attacked by a pack of Orthros, followed by a group of demihuman soldiers.

Shinichi’s life returns to “normal” after A’s killing spree, but Shinichi remains in low spirits. His mother, Nobuko, becomes worried, but Shinichi just bluffs when she asks him what’s wrong. His father, Kazuyuki, suggests to Nobuko that a past incident may be involved. Nobuko looks down at the old scar on her hand and thinks back to what happened when Shinichi was a little boy…

Aoi wants to climb Mt. Tanigawa next, but is worried about whether she can handle the ropeway with her fear of heights. She and the other girls gather at Kaede’s house for advice, and a few other things.

A power leaks from underneath the school, Arata and the gang head down into the labyrinth to protect the school from the collapse phenomenon.