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Conan and his friends search for Ai, who disappeared on her way home from shopping. She is bound and imprisoned by a robber inside the home of her recent acquaintance Higaki Mitsuru along with Mitsuru herself.

Police Commissioner Kisaragi comes to watch Zanya and Rouga fight it out in the second game of the Gaen Cup finals. During the back-and-forth battle, Rouga opens up about his dark past and Zanya helps him shed some light on all things good and bad.

Sakamichi reaches the lead pack and joins Imaizumi, and the pair reaffirms their desire to win. Without a moment’s delay, Midousuji begins his attack!

Lesya’s true identity is revealed: she is a maneater — an assassin. As they take swings at each other, Moroha’s holy sword awakens.

Chrono, Tokoha, and Shion take on a quest to help a shy Cardfighter who fell in love at first sight with a girl he fought a match with once but never saw again. Can the quarrelsome trio use their resources and wits to track the girl down when they’ve got nothing to go on except a single card she left behind?

Robin, Usopp, the Tontatta’s and the others make moves to rejoin Luffy as Doflamingo’s deadly game rages on! Meanwhile, Kin’emon makes it to the trash heap in his search for his friend Kanjuro – just as Pica emerges in the town and changes the stakes of the game!