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Things grow stranger for Law as he learns the secret behind why Corazon feigns being mute! But the mysterious Corazon’s actions are only beginning to baffle Law as he takes him on a journey to cure his White Lead Disease.

When Chrono and friends take Taiyou to an amusement park for a little fun and brainwash deprogramming, the head Dog Trainer shows up to take Taiyou back to United Sanctuary branch for more training. Chrono gets in the way and a (Card)fight ensues…

When Hayato’s father comes to remove him from Duel Academia, Judai and Sho stand by their friend and root him on when he tries to out-duel his father in order to stay.

To help Sho overcome some serious confidence issues, Judai looks to duel Ryo, Sho’s older brother and the best duelist at Duel Academy!

Having been caught for trespassing into the abandoned dorm, Judai and Sho are sentenced to a tag team duel where if they lose, they get expelled. Therefore, to prepare for the big match, they decide to duel each other!

Judai continues his duel with the mysterious Shadow Duelist, fighting now not just for Asuka’s soul, but for his own as well!

When Judai and the crew wander into an abandoned dorm, they encounter a mysterious duelist who claims he’s taken Asuka to the Shadow Realm, and unless Judai duels him, he’s going to keep her there.

On test day at Duel Academia, Instructor Cronos steals a new card shipment so that he can stack the deck against Judai and embarrass him in front of the entire school!

When Sho stumbles into the girls’ dorm, he puts himself and Judai in danger of being expelled, forcing Judai to win a duel to win their freedom.

The incoming class is welcomed to Duel Academia, but Judai finds a less-than-warm reception from freshman hot shot Jun when he’s challenged to a high-stakes duel!

Instructor Cronos taps dueling whiz kid Daichi Misawa to be his new protégé, but first he must beat Obelisk Blue’s Jun Manjome to prove he’s got what it takes.

In the expulsion match against the Meikyu Brothers, Sho must overcome his issues with his older brother Ryo in order win the match.

The tag match to determine Judai and Sho’s fate at Duel Academy begins, but not just against any tag team: It’s against the legendary Meikyu Brothers!

When Judai Yuki arrives late to his entrance exam for Duel Academia, he has to go above and beyond expectations to prove that he deserves to make the cut!