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With Fujitora’s stalemate arousing suspicion in the Navy ranks, Law and Luffy stand seconds away from execution at the hand of Doflamingo! But before he dispatches them both, he shares the secret of his sway over the Celestial Dragons!

Chrono, Tokoha, and Shion participate in the United Sanctuary Branch tournament, but something seems off from the get-go. That branch’s fighters seem too pumped up and when they lose, they’re dragged away by guards. Later, Chrono’s opponent in the final match turns out to be Taiyou, who’s changed a lot from the meek beginner he was when they first met.

Welcome back to Wagnaria! What will happen in the lives of the employees at the family restaurant?

With news of Izaya’s hospitalization quickly spreading, the information broker is filled with anticipation and excitement about which of his many enemies will make a move on his life.

Yu Otosaka finds he has the ability to possess anyone for five seconds. He uses it for personal gain, but an an intrepid girl with powers of her own, Nao Tomori, confronts him and tries to get him to use his ability for good.

As Natsu and Lisanna plot their escape from the cell, Tartaros gains control of the magic weapon of mass destruction, Face. Levy tracks down the dark guild’s location and it’s closer than anyone expected, but before they can mount a rescue to save Natsu and the others, a mind-controlled Elfman activates a lacrima bomb at the guild!