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It has been several days since falling into the abyss. The girls exhaust their food on hand and don’t have the willpower left to believe they’ll be saved. Slowly but surely they begin to break.

Erika and Kyoya have gone off to Kobe to visit Kyoya’s mother. He claims he has no abandonment issues, but she’s beginning to suspect he might be lying. Can she get him and his mother back together again?

Ange learns of the tragic past of Jill and the Villkiss, and of the true nature of the world. A mysterious man, Embryo, sneaks forward.

When Tokoha was young, she and an older friend, Akane, buried a time capsule. Now Akane is going to move abroad and the time capsule has been unearthed. Will Vanguard be able to help these two old friends gain a sense of closure and open a path to the future?

The deep and tragic story of Kyros is revealed! The legend of this invincible gladiator is tied up with the royal family of Dressrosa! Meanwhile, Trebol’s defeat at the hands of Usopp is not a sure thing yet!