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Robin, Rebecca, and Bartolomeo draw closer to the Flower Field on the fourth level of the Royal Palace plateau, but a sudden attack by Gladius exploding spheres sends Robin and Bartolomeo hurtling towards the level below – and directly into Luffy and the others’ battle with the creepy Headcracker Dolls!

After Chrono’s win, their second match with Team Demise pits Tokoha against the nasty Rin Hashima, who has an old grudge against Mamoru. During the fight, Rin exploits Tokoha’s weakness, getting under her skin by calling her “Mamoru’s little sister.”

Rin is helpless now in Kirei’s hands, while Shirou faces Archer. Is he skillful enough to defeat Archer?

The sandstorm continues to rampage with Remy at its center. It attacks indiscriminately, leaving both sides overwhelmed by its power. Just then, something is observed coming through the wall of sand…

The Magic Council is having a meeting about the mysteriously-disappearing dark guilds when they’re attacked by a powerful force, the harbinger of the Tartarus threat that will derail Fairy Tail’s recent relative peace and quiet.

Gao gets more than he bargained for while responding to a sighting of an illegal monster at Castle. Death Shido continues his hunt for Lord Tenbu and, with a new Hundred Demon in his pocket, accepts a challenge to fight Gao. But who is Gao’s new Buddy?