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NMB48 just exposed the preview videos for three coupling tracks that are part of their new single “Virginity”. The coupling tracks differ on the Limited A, B, and C editions – “Bokura no Regatta” (type A), “Sonzai Shitenai Mon” (type B), and “Sunahama de Pistol” (type C). Previously we updated the release details and posted the full music video for main coupling track “Mousou Girlfriend” that comes on all Limited editions of the single. NMB48 also released the preview music video for title trackVirginity”. Their 5th single hits stores August 8th – music videos follow.

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~ Coupling tracks music videos exposed – here ~

NMB48 new single “Virginity” has its music video exposed. The song has a CM tie-up with ROUND1 Sports Entertainment and a special website is available for more information – link at bottom of article. Single “Virginity” release details are available in a previous post along with the music video for coupling track “Mousou Girlfriend”. Preview length music video for “Virginity” follows.

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NMB48’s upcoming new single is titled “Virginity” and the idol group has updated the release details. Previously reported here were early details before the single was titled and a follow-up report with coupling track “Mousou Girlfriend” and its music video-nya. Now NMB48 has released the full track list and cover jackets for “Virginity” which is set to hit stores August 8th. Updated details follow.

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~ Release details updated, singled titled “Virginity” ~

NMB48 still hasn’t provided the title and main song for their 5th single but they have just exposed the full neko-music video and title for coupling track “Mousou Girlfriend”. The 16 participating members have been also been revealed for the new single due to hit stores August 8th. Music video and more details follow nya.

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~ Updated details, coupling track full music video revealed ~

Idol group NMB48 has announced their 5th single, not yet titled, and set the release date for August 8th. The single will come in three Limited editions and a Theater CD-only edition. The title track and main coupling track have commercial message tie-ups already planned – ROUND1 Sports Entertainment and Tokiwa Pharmaceuticals sleep aid respectively. More early release details follow.

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