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After catching a Spring Shark, Toriko and Komatsu are surprised to see Luffy come tumbling out its mouth. Luffy needs the gourmet hunter help to save a valuable crew member.

Luffy and crew stumbles upon a unique island which food seems to rain from the sky.
What is this crazy place and who is this mysterious man trying to eat Chopper!?

Toriko and the other Four Kings finish their battles with the gigantic four Beasts, but little do they know that the Four-Beasts’ main body is targeting the evacuated human race directly!

Toriko and Komatsu are on the trail of two ingredients needed for the Fortune Roll, which when completed should tell the exact location of one of the last training ingredients. Their first stop is Firewater Island, but can they stop drinking booze long enough to focus on their goal?! Later, Toriko and Komatsu go after the stinkiest ingredient in the world, a Durian Bomb!

The Four Kings turn the tables on the apex predator of the Human World, Four-Beasts, by unleashing the secret technique, Meal Fit for a King. It looks like humanity has dodged a bullet this time, but the grand manipulator behind Four Beasts is lurking around…

Toriko and Komatsu train in earnest to master the art of Honoring the Food, but will they starve to death first?!

During the Triathlon Cooking event, Komatsu teams up with the boisterous Brunch to hopefully move up from last place, but he faces a moral quandary when his ethically-challenged benefactor uses dirty tricks to take out the competition.