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After catching a Spring Shark, Toriko and Komatsu are surprised to see Luffy come tumbling out its mouth. Luffy needs the gourmet hunter help to save a valuable crew member.

Luffy and crew stumbles upon a unique island which food seems to rain from the sky.
What is this crazy place and who is this mysterious man trying to eat Chopper!?

With the Four Kings on the brink of death, the Four-Beasts is triumphant, but Toriko and friends have one last trick up their sleeves to save the human race!

Both Toriko and Komatsu are forced to face off against their Honoring the Food instructor, Shu! Komatsu is worried about Shu’s welfare (and sanity) as the teacher engages in a no-holds-barred fight with Toriko. And then, Toriko has the utmost confidence in Komatsu as the chef goes head-to-head against Shu in a chop-off! Will both students be taken down a peg?

The Cooking Festival begins! But will Komatsu be able to get overcome his nervousness at facing off against 99 of the top-ranked chefs worldwide, while being watched by a live audience of 100 million people?!

Master Chin lies mortally wounded! Toriko faces off against his opponent, the master of blades, Granny Chiyo! Komatsu is devastated by how far his old friend Otake has fallen! Making matters worse, Otake’s new partner shows up… and it’s a GT Robot?!