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After catching a Spring Shark, Toriko and Komatsu are surprised to see Luffy come tumbling out its mouth. Luffy needs the gourmet hunter help to save a valuable crew member.

Luffy and crew stumbles upon a unique island which food seems to rain from the sky.
What is this crazy place and who is this mysterious man trying to eat Chopper!?

The Four Kings have beaten the four Beasts, but now they have to go up against the actual Four-Beasts, a battle that takes place near the refugee center, Food Park Plaza! And as if the Four-Beasts isn’t tough enough, poisonous Green Rain has fallen, giving all who got wet just one hour to live… unless Komatsu can create an antidote for hundreds of millions of people first!

Toriko and Komatsu need to obtain just one more ingredient for sushi chef/fortune teller Monchy to make the Fortune Roll! On the way, they meet old friends (and a friendly rival) before traveling to Eco City, home to Monchy’s double(?!) and lots of eco-friendly animals!

Fortunately, Teppei has survived his encounter with the mastermind behind Four-Beasts, but the mysterious figure isn’t done with him yet! Then Komatsu gets some startling news from two visiting members of G7!

Toriko is one step away from obtaining Bubble Fruit… or maybe that’s a million or billion steps, since Bubble Way, the path that leads to the training ingredient, seems to be never-ending. It seems the key to reaching his goal is mastering the secret technique of Food’s End!