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Toriko unleashes a new attack against the seemingly unstoppable Mon Plan from the Gourmet World! The other members of the Four Kings track down ingredients for the Cooking Fest too, even as sinister forces gather…

Master Chin arrives back at the devastated Chowlin Temple and takes on the leader of the attackers, Chiyo, a famous, super-powerful chef who somehow fell in with Gourmet Corp. A rejuvenated Toriko also come back from his long hike down Bubble Way, but waiting for him is the giant-sized Golem known as a Scum Beast!

The fearsome 100+ Capture Level Four-Beasts awaken and start heading for the Human World from four different directions to chow down! The IGO evacuates billions of people, but only the Four Kings can ensure their safety. Toriko and his brothers-in-arms share one last fine meal before they head out to face creatures fiercer than any they’ve encountered so far.

The Four Kings throw everything they have against the true form of the Four-Beasts, but it still isn’t enough! Meanwhile, Komatsu and several other great chefs are about to start producing a dish that will neutralize the Green Rain’s poison, but it looks like they’ll only be able to save a fraction of the human race!