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During the Triathlon Cooking event, Komatsu teams up with the boisterous Brunch to hopefully move up from last place, but he faces a moral quandary when his ethically-challenged benefactor uses dirty tricks to take out the competition.

The preliminary round of the Cooking Festival begins, and it’s a grueling Cooking Triathlon that will eliminate 50 of the 100 participating chefs! Will Komatsu make the cut or will his inability to swim sink his chances?!

Master Chin’s mortal wounds are healed with a Revival Knife! He reveals to Toriko and the others what made Chiyo defect to the evil Gourmet Corp. In the Gourmet World, IGO President Ichiryu calls to order an important meeting of the members of Biotope 0. He reveals that Gourmet Corp is after a secret, powerful ingredient, so they have to get it first… except there may be a traitor in their midst!

The Four Kings go all out against their respective Four-Beasts to save the human race from being devoured! Meanwhile, Komatsu and Rin discover a startling revelation about the Four-Beasts’ very nature!

In order to find the next training ingredient, Toriko must first get a hold of a Fortune Roll. To that end, Ichiryu gives him emergency instructions: capture the Mistress of the Pond, Madam Fish. And with the rest of the Four Kings?! Is that really a good idea?! In the end, will Toriko and the others be able to carry out their mission?

With the Four Kings on the brink of death, the Four-Beasts is triumphant, but Toriko and friends have one last trick up their sleeves to save the human race!