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After catching a Spring Shark, Toriko and Komatsu are surprised to see Luffy come tumbling out its mouth. Luffy needs the gourmet hunter help to save a valuable crew member.

Luffy and crew stumbles upon a unique island which food seems to rain from the sky.
What is this crazy place and who is this mysterious man trying to eat Chopper!?

Toriko and a few friends track down a giant plant monster from the Gourmet World! Sunny revisits Death Falls and meets an oil artisan! Coco returns to the Gourmet Casino, where he bets against Match! And Zebra goes back to the destroyed Gourmet Pyramid, but something is still alive in there!

Will Toriko finally reach the end of Bubble Way and get the Bubble Fruit, or starve to death first? Meanwhile, the assault on Chowlin Temple is well underway, with monsters and led by Chiyo, who’s so good with knives that she can fillet a person without them even noticing!

Toriko’s battle with the new type of GT Robot ends unexpectedly, but then it’s Komatsu’s turn to step up to a challenge as he follows Granny Setsu’s recipe for All-Noodles!