Idol group 9nine is ready for a restart. The group will be changing labels to SME Records and pushing itself as a “performance girls unit.” 9nine’s lineup also changed at the end of last month.

9nine was originally formed in 2005 with nine members. A few members later left, reducing the unit’s size to five in March 2009. On August 31 of this year, Moe Miura (17) and Madoka Shimogaki (18) announced on their official blogs that they would not be participating in the next iteration of 9nine. However, two new members were added to keep the group’s size at five.

The three remaining original members are Uki Satake (18), Sayaka Nishiwaki (17), and Umika Kawashima (16). Joining them are Kanae Yoshii (17) and Hirona Murata (13).

More information about 9nine’s next release will be announced in the near future. In addition, the group will have their own show on MX-TV, starting on September 27. The show’s title is not yet known

p/s – lol~should i say that i love 9nine because of umika~=p

Source – Tokyograph

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