Abe Natsumi, Yasuda Kei, and Kusumi Koharu will be in a stage play titled Abe Naikaku. The play is abot the prime minister and politics.

It’s great to see that Abe, Yasuda, and Koha will be appearing in a play together since I can’t recall Koha doing much apart from her TV show and her China visit with Ex-ceed!, and since the play will have 3 OG members it is without a doubt a must see play for their fans.

Even though the short description of the play’s theme might sound a bit boring for some people (me included) the addition of Abe, Yasuda and Koha are sure to be interesting and a nice way to get H!P fans to go to the play to watch them act.

Hopefully many people get a chance to go with their families or friends to watch since the play appears to run straight through the holidays, and even though that may be the case watching a play with 3 OG members is without a doubt a great addition to any H!P fan’s holiday schedule.

Source – Hellosayuni!

Posted by Comtrya Sugoi!