Bandai Namco Games announced on Tuesday that it is publishing a video game based on popular idol group AKB48. Titled “AKB 1/48 Idol to Koi Shitara…,” this is the first official game to revolve around the group.

The game is described as the “ultimate dating fantasy game,” featuring 48 members of AKB48. All of them will confess their love for the player, but along the way, the player will have to turn down 47 of them one by one in order to end up with the girl of their choice. The game is said to include more than 10,000 images of the AKB48 members, plus more than 80 minutes worth of video of the members confessing their feelings. All of their lines are said to be fully voice-recorded.

“AKB 1/48″ is being released for the PlayStation Portable platform on December 23. Besides the standard edition, there will be three other versions: a limited-time edition with three member photos and a video UMD of footage that was not used in the game; another limited edition with the video UMD, 2 making-of DVDs, photos, and other goods; and a Premier Special Pack which contains all of those extras plus a specially-made PSP (designated as the PSP-3000AKB model) that has a kiss mark on the battery cover.

p/s – kewl~ definitely want to have it!~

Source – Tokyograph

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