Details have been released for the French Kiss debut single “Zutto Mae Kara,” which goes on sale on September 8. The single will come in three versions with different contents, including an original short drama.

First unveiled last month, French Kiss consists of AKB48 members Yuki Kashiwagi (19), Aki Takajo (18), and Asuka Kuramochi (20). Their first song, “Zutto Mae Kara,” is currently being used as the ending theme of the baseball anime series “Major.”

The single will have a CD-only version and two CD+DVD versions, each coming with a different coupling song. The CD-only version will have a French Kiss version of the Team B song “Temodemo no Namida,” while the first CD+DVD version will have a French Kiss version of “Yokaze no Shiwaza” (also a Team B song). The second CD+DVD version will have a brand new song.

The DVD included in the first CD+DVD version contains a video clip for “Zutto Mae Kara,” but it will also come with an original drama, also titled “Zutto Mae Kara.” The youthful love story has the three girls playing managers of a school baseball team, and part of the story involves a romance with the team’s ace player. The drama is being handled by television, film, and music video director Ten Shimoyama.

Fans who reserve the single at one of several designated retail stores will also have a chance in a lottery drawing for a special event.

Written by Roronoaz*comtrya!