At AKB48′s concert at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium on Sunday, it was announced that Team K member Erena Ono (16) is graduating this summer, though the exact timing has not yet been announced.

She will be taking a break from the entertainment industry while she goes overseas to study acting. Ono has already appeared in a few movies and television dramas. She recently played a main role in Keisuke Yoshida’s movie “Sankaku” (starring Sousuke Takaoka).

Through that role, she apparently recognized her own inexperience, and she made the decision to seriously study to improve her ability. It was also announced at the concert that AKB48′s 19th single, scheduled for release this December, will have its roster decided by a “Janken Senbatsu.”

A tournament-like event will be held at the Nippon Budokan on September 21, and the top 16 will perform on the single. All 48 members of the group, plus 4 kenkyuusei, are eligible for the tournament, regardless of their popularity.

Source  – Tokyograph