Korean female idol group SNSD, also known as Shoujo Jidai, has been featured on the cover of the weekly Japanese economics magazine “Nikkei Business”. Nikkei discusses the reasoning behind SNSD’s successful break into the global music markey.

The Korean idol group, SNSD, known in Japan as Shoujo Jidai has been featured on the cover of the weekly economics magazine “Nikkei Business”.

Recently launched upon the Japanese music scene with a rehash of their single “Genie”, and set to release “GEE” later this month, Shoujo Jidai is widely percoeved as an overwhelmingly successful new industry craze. In the October 27th issue of “Nikkei Business” parallels are drawn between the reasoning behind their great success and Korea’s growing business acumen in general.

SNSD was formed with the purpose of ultimately targeting the global market. “Nikkei” recalls how the group was able to successfully conquer the nearly inpenetrable Japanese music market in such a short amount of time, as “Genie” has totaled nearly 100,000 copies in sales despite the sharp decline CD sales in Japan.

“Nikkei” cites media portal websites such as NHN, E mart, and CJ Entertainment for SNSD’s substatial popularity, as well as their high level of professionalism as a result of their great efforts to succeed in the global market.

Nikkei stated, “The shipshape performance of Girls’ Generation was possible only through rigorous preparation and practice. It is fascinating to see how the movement of all nine members is in perfect order. They epitomize a professionalism that is difficult to find in other girl groups.”

The efficiency of Shoujo Jidai’s management is also praised when compared to the likes of big-name companies like Samsung Electronics and Hyundai automobiles, both of which have been met with great global success. “The tight management that constantly the condition of each member is also reminiscent of Korea’s global companies such as Samsung Electronics and Hyundai.”