Watanabe Mayu ABK48 photobook release

AKB48 and Watarirouka Hashiritai’s Watanabe Mayu (17) took some time before her first photobook (“Mayuyu”) release commemoration event to answer questions from the press.

Watanabe’s rear, already said to be her pride, will be featured in the photobook in a two-page spread along with an earnest expression. Looking at her own behind objectively, she noted, “It’s springy and flexible, so I always think, ‘I really have a nice rear.’”

She cutely revealed the secret behind preserving her beautiful butt, saying, “Our members are always touching it, so maybe being touched is the key.”


The photobook’s theme is the impression of “Expressing the true figure of a 17 year old.” Watanabe, who talked about the book with a very satisfied expression, made a big impact with a sexy nude shot for the cover, the first for an AKB48 member photobook.

At a loss first, Watanabe said, “When I first saw it, I was surprised too. I think people seeing it for the first time might be a bit shocked. But as I got used to it, I thought it was a really wonderful picture. It would be great if it becomes a lot of people’s favorite.”

Watanabe Mayu ABK48 photobook release2Watanabe, known by her nickname “Mayuyu”, has also been called a “CG Idol” due to her appearance, has been waiting for an opportune time to release her first solo photobook. “Appearing in a book by myself made me really nervous,” said Watanabe, but gradually her expressions relaxed and she was able to enjoy the shooting in high spirits.

She gave her stamp of approval to the photobook, saying, “At any rate, this book is my favorite! It’s a 100% perfect score!”, and expressed her desire for another already, saying, “I definitely want to put out the best possible photobook next time as well.”

Even though there is only around one month until AKB48’s 3rd general election, beginning on June 9th, Watanabe confessed, “It’s a huge event, but every time, I never think about it until just before it starts.”

Having received 5th place last time, she talked enthusiastically about her new goal, saying, “Since I’m going to participate anyway, I want to do my best to get into the Best 3. I want to work determinedly everyday so many people will lend me their support.”

Source: Oricon