Voice actress Aya Hirano takes the role of teacher and members of idol group 9nine the roles of students in the new live-action teen comedy “Konna no Idol ja Nain!?” (This ain’t no Idol!? or Nine [Nein] like Ido!?). This will be 9nine’s first regular TV show,

Hirano’s character, Mari Gonda, is a former aspiring idol and idol fanatic who has memorized every detail of Japan’s idol history since the 1980s. As the teacher at an all-girls finishing school she also gets recruited to oversee the "I Want to Become an Idol" club.

The five members of 9nine portray students at the school who come together and form the "I Want to Become an Idol" club. In the show the girls setup different scenarios to help train themselves to be better performers and each episode will feature a performance by 9nine.

Konna no Idol ja Nain!?” begins airing in Japan, January 11 on NTV.

Source: Mantan Web