Reborn” is the catchy headline for the Aya Hirano interview published in December’s Rolling Stone magazine (Japan edition). In the interview Aya will discuss how she is dedicating herself to starting over after switching agencies this year amidst scandal and controversy.  She will also discuss her thoughts on the many issues facing Japan this coming year.

Aya spent much of the early part of 2011 in a negative media spotlight – announcing she would be ending her music career and no longer taking on new anime character rolls. Photos were leak of her in suggested sexual encounters with her previous band mates. Her agency stated they ended her contract because of these behaviors. This same agency had seemed to be been pushing Aya into more of a “celebrity” roll with many television appearances and other media generating efforts for the past 2 years.

Though it is unclear if Aya wanted this new direction also as she herself seems very adept at generating media conversation via her many and often questionable twitter postings. Aya’s new fanclub even goes by the name of twitter hash-tag like #AYAMOTO

Source: Rolling Stone magazine