Music_Station2011TV Asahi’s long running music show "Music Station" has announced the performers for their upcoming Friday the 21st of October show: Perfume, Superfly, Tegomass, Idol group Fairies, and singer/songwriter Kazuyoshi Saito.

Perfume last visited Music Station about 5 months ago and is performing for the 3rd time this year. They will perform "GLITTER" which is the b-side to their current new single “Spice.” Images and performance details on the jump,

Kazuyoshi Saito

Look forward to a bunch of great performances

Music Station – TV Asahi on October 21, 2011 (Friday) 20:00 to 20:54
Scheduled to perform
– Kazuyoshi Saito : "Yasashiku Naritai
– Superfly : "Kurae Love"
– Tegomass : "Magic Melody
– Perfume : "GLITTER"
– Fairies : "More Kiss"

Source & images: natalie