YUI Green a live
One of our favorites, singer song-writer YUI topped the singles charts with her newest release "Green a. live" with nearly 56,000 copies sold. She edged out idol group SUPER☆GIRLS who sold close to 49,000 copies of their 3rd single "Joshiryoku←Paradise".  On the album charts fictional band A.N.JELL from the Japanese re-make of Korean TV series "You’re Beautiful" MUSIC COLLECTION dominated with nearly 150,000 copies sold. Complete charts follow after jump.

Singles for October 3rd – 9th

Rank Group/Artist Single Title Released Sold
1 YUI Green a. live Oct 5th 55,978
2 SUPER☆GiRLS Joshiryoku←Paradise Oct 5th 48,917
3 DEEP Kimi janai Dareka nante ~Tejina~ Oct 5th 15,678
4 Kikkawa Yuu Hapirapi ~Sunrise~ Oct 5th 11,731
5 Yakushimaru Etsuko Metro Orchestra Nornir/Shonen yo Ware ni Kaere Oct 5th 11,601
6 EXILE Rising Sun/Itsuka Kitto Sept 14th 11,510
7 SHIN HYE SUNG x Kiba Kiyoshi Shunsuke I Believe Oct 5th 10,148
8 T-ARA Bo Peep Bo Peep Sept 28th 8,312
9 AKB48 Flying Get Aug 24th 7,675
10 INORAN Hide and Seek Oct 5th 6.701

Albums for October 3rd – 9th

Rank Group/Artist Single Title Released Sold
1 A.N.JELL TBS drama series "You’re Beautiful" MUSIC COLLECTION Oct 5th 149,818
2 ONE OK ROCK Reverberation Reference Oct 5th 66,011
3 Tohoshinki TONE Sept 28th 31,760
4 Def Tech UP Oct 5th 26,049
5 KARA STEP Oct 5th 25,448
6 the GazettE TOXIC Oct 5th 25,412
7 Sukima Switch musium Oct 5th 23,711
8 JYJ In Heaven Sept 30th 18,930
9 CHARICE INFINITY Oct 5th 13,461
10 Sakanaction DocumentaLy Sept 28th 11,269

Source: Oricon