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Long standing rock band, L’Arc~en~Ciel released their newest single “X X X” last week and it rode the charts up to #1. The band is celebrating their 20th year in strong style. Making a good showing in second place was the Japanese release of the hit single “LUCIFER” by Korean band SHINee. Last week’s number one from YUI fell to number six.

On the album side stylish Kimura Kaela landed in the #1 spot with her album “8EIGHT8”.  Its been 4 years since she last had a number one album.  Last week’s number one by fictional band A.N.JELL music from the series "You’re Beautiful" stayed strong in the number two spot. The latest from long-time and ever changing Idol group Morning Musume only managed to land at number 8 with their latest, “12, smart.” And sneaking in at number ten spot was anime-cosplayer-akihabara-idol Shokotan (Shoko Nakagawa) with her newest cover album.

Complete charts follow after jump.

Singles for October 10th – 16th

Rank Group/Artist Single Title Released Sold
1 L’Arc~en~Ciel X X X Oct 12th 81,414
2 SHINee LUCIFER Oct 12th 50,398
3 Superfly Ai wo Kurae Oct 12th 17,891
4 Tamura Yukari Endless Story Oct 12th 16,231
5 FLOWER Still Oct 12th 15,339
6 YUI Green Oct 5th 8,801
7 T-ARA Bo Peep Bo Peep Sept 28th 7,794
8 Ebisu Muscuts Ropponpon☆ Fantasy Oct 12th 7,623
9 AKB48 Flying Get Aug 24th 7,675
10 EXILE  Rising Sun Sept 14th 6,684

Albums for October 10th – 16th

Rank Group/Artist Single Title Released Sold
1 Kimura Kaela 8EIGHT8 Oct 12th 42,698
2 A.N.JELL TBS drama series "You’re Beautiful" MUSIC COLLECTION Oct 5th 28,684
3 4U Supernova Oct 12th 27,110
4 Tohoshinki TONE Sept 28th 23,720
5 Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Bird Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Bird Oct 12th 22,777
6 ONE OK ROCK Reverberation Reference Oct 5th 15,637
7 Def Tech UP Oct 5th 11,784
8 Morning Musume 12, smart Oct 12th 11,389
9 KARA STEP Oct 5th 7,839
10 Shoko Nakagawa Shokotan Cover 4-1 – Shoko Doru Hen Oct 12th 7,809

Source: Oricon