AKB48 Kaze wa Fuiteiru group

AKB48 took their turn blasting the charts with their single “Kaze wa Fuiteiru” selling over 1.3 million copies. Landing in second for the week was MBLAQ and their single “Baby U!” This single is also featured as the opening theme for anime Beelzebub.

Still showing strong was BUMP OF CHICKEN with their single “Zero” it was #2 in its opening week and held at #3 this past week. AKB48 sister group NMB48 hit the charts in the prior week at #1 with their 2nd single “Oh My God!” and this week it slipped back to the number 4 spot.

Fall anime theme songs from Sphere, Maaya Sakamoto, and cast of Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai make the charts in the 7th, 8th and 10th spots respectively.

On the album side music from the Persona 4 game charted at #1 and Girls Generation’s newest album "The Boys” (import for Japan) charted #2.

Complete charts follow after jump.

Singles for October 24th – 30th

Rank Group/Artist Single Title Released Sold
1 AKB48 Kaze wa Fuiteiru Oct 26th 1,300,482
2 MBLAQ Baby U! Oct 26th 42,624
3 BUMP OF CHICKEN Zero Oct 19th 35,019
4 Ashida Mana ~Gyu Gyu Good-Day~ Oct 26th 27,737
5 NMB48 Oh My God! Oct 19th 16,639
6 KARA Winter Magic Oct 19th 15,415
7 Sphere HIGH POWERED Oct 26th 14,902
8 Maaya Sakamoto Welcome Back Oct 26th 13,948
9 SuG Toy Soldier Oct 26th 12,188
10 Making Friends Group Zan’nen-kei rinjin-bu (-two and a half stars) Oct 26th 11,146

Albums for October 17th – 23th

GirlsGee The Boys cover

Rank Group/Artist Album Title Released Sold
1 Persona 4 Never More – “Person 4” Reincarnation Oct 26th 26,869
2 Girls Generation The Boys Oct 26th 21,227
3 Coldplay Mylo Xyloto (MX) Oct 19th 15,429
4 back number Superstar Oct 26th 10,519
5 Kazuyoshi Saito 45 STONES Oct 19th 10,466
6 Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Bird Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Bird Oct 12th 7,635
7 A.N.JELL TBS drama series "You’re Beautiful" MUSIC COLLECTION Oct 5th 7,401
8 Kimura Kaela 8EIGHT8 Oct 12th 7,148
9 Tohoshinki TONE Sept 28th 7,091
10 Tegomass Magic of Tegomass Oct 19th 6989

Source: Oricon