Ayumi Hamasaki has updated the release details for her new album “Classical” – track list and cover jacket is revealed. The new album is the third of her 5-consecutive months of releases leading up to her 15th anniversary. The album includes seven songs by fan voting plus 3 songs from her mini-album “LOVE” which was the first part of the 5-consecutive releases. All 10 songs are re-arranged for full classical orchestra. Ayumi Hamasaki’s new album “Classical” is scheduled to hit stores January 8th – read on for more early release details.

A similar album “My Story Classical” was released in 2005 that took the songs from Ayu’s album “My Story” and re-arranged with full orchestral score.

Ayumi Hamasaki is having 5 consecutive months of releases as part of celebrating her 15th anniversary. The first of these mini-album “LOVE” released on November 8th. The mini-album includes “Song 4 u” featured as the theme song for game “Tales of Xillia 2”. More details on this release reported here. The second release is mini-album “again” which hit stores on December 8th – release details are reported here.

The releases lead up to the 15th anniversary of her debut on April 8th 2013. The consecutive month releases are scheduled to drop on the 8th day of each month which makes for releases on days other than the traditional Wednesday. No announcement yet on what she has planned for her anniversary date in April – could be a major venue live performance but nothing official.

All of the special releases come with a serial number card for special award when all 5 of her 15th anniversary 5-month consecutive releases (any edition) are purchased. Application period to submit all 5 codes will be March 8th-30th 2013 – no details yet on the possible bonuses.

Fans can see Ayumi Hamasaki at one of her special year-end live events, “Ayumi Hamasaki COUNTDOWN LIVE 2012-2013” with 3 stadium performances scheduled – ticket information link at bottom,

– Dec 29th 5:00pm Yoyogi First National Gymnasium Stadium
– Dec 30th 5:00pm Yoyogi First National Gymnasium Stadium
– Dec 31th 9:30pm Yoyogi First National Gymnasium Stadium

Her new album “Classical” comes on one CD-only edition with several First Press bonuses, poster and serial number card for special award when all 5 of her 15th anniversary 5-month consecutive releases (any First Press edition) are purchased.

Ayumi Hamasaki – “Classical” – release date January 8th 2013

Regular [CD] (¥3255)

1. M
2. Love song
4. You & Me
6. Days
7. Voyage
8. Song 4 u
9. Missing
10. Dearest



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