~ Music video for “Oh!” revealed ~

Girls Generation (SNSD) has officially announced the titled song for their new Japanese single – “Oh!” – they previously revealed the coupling song and preview music video “ALL MY LOVE IS FOR YOU”. The title track is the Japanese version of previously released song “Oh!” and coupling song is a new original Japanese song. The single comes in two editions including a Limited with bonus DVD and special packaging. New single “Oh! / ALL MY LOVE IS FOR YOU” hits stores September 26th – read on for updated release details and the music video for Oh! .

Girls Generation will also release simultaneously on September 26th a video compilation “GIRLS GENERATION COMPLETE VIDEO COLLECTION” on both DVD and Blu-ray. Details available in a separate report.

Girls Generation have re-ignited their Japanese presence releasing their first single of 2012 and first original Japanese single “PAPARAZZI” on June 27th. They also revised their Japanese fan club “SONE JAPAN” will all new content services coming November 2012 (link at end of report).

The girls have been busy this summer just finishing performances as part of the “SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR III in TOKYO” August 4th-5th. They also announced that Fuji TV will have a 2-hour broadcast footage of the live event on October 26th 10pm. You can also watch Girls Generation perform on show HEY! HEY! HEY! Odaida Summer Song Festival on Fuji TV September 7th 7pm.

Girls Generation has also announced a 14-performance arena/hall tour for 2013 across Japan. The tour will start February 9th at Kobe World Memorial Hall and end April 10th at NGK Sun Hall. Special receptions with the girls will be available for fan club SONE members.

Girls Generation’s new single “Oh! / ALL MY LOVE IS FOR YOU” is offered in two editions,

– Limited with bonus DVD, packaged in special tall case, sticker.

– Regular CD-only. First Press version offers bonus sticker.

Enjoy the video for “Oh!” at end of report and the cover jackets and other possible bonuses will be announced soon so come back to Comtrya Sugoi for updates.

Girls Generation – “Oh! / ALL MY LOVE IS FOR YOU” – release date September 26th 2012

Limited [CD+DVD] (¥1890)

Regular [CD] (¥1260)

1. Oh! 
1. ALL MY LOVE IS FOR YOU (music video)
1. Oh!
Girls Generation Japanese version – Oh! – single release date September 26th 2012

Girls Generation SONE JAPAN Official fansite

Girls Generation Official Japan website

*ed. in a previous report this single was incorrectly reported as being titled “ALL MY LOVE IS FOR YOU” – apologies for the confusion.
*updated with music video for Oh!