Hatsune Miku will be making her virtual appearance at 2 live concert events in March. First is the “HATSUNE MIKU Live Party 2012” on March 8th (2am PST) and “HATSUNE MIKU Concert Final 39’s Giving Day” on  March 9th (2am PST). Both events will be available for streaming pay-per-view via Nico Nico Douga either individual or as a bundle. More details follow,

Cost for each event on pay-per-view is $25USD or $40USD for both events. Tickets are on sale now and will go through March 15th – the concert can be viewed live or until March 16th.

HATSUNE MIKU Live Party 2012” March 8th Web live 2am PST (7pm JST)


HATSUNE MIKU Concert Final 39’s Giving Day” March 9th Web live 2am PST (7pm JST)

Tickets for bundled for both events: https://secure.live.niconico.com/product/miku_day2012

Until the live events enjoy Hatsune Miku from her first live event in 2010 performing supercell’sWorld is Mine


Unsure about what Hatsune Miku is – http://www.crypton.co.jp/mp/pages/prod/vocaloid/cv01_us.jsp

Via: zotaku.com