Kanon Wakeshima just updated the release details for her new double-A side single, “Foul Play ni Kurari / Sakura Meikyu” – cover jackets are revealed. The single is her first release since July 2010 and both songs have tie-ins – track “Foul Play ni Kurari” will be featured as the ending theme for Fall anime To Love-Ru Darkness and track “Sakura Meikyu” is featured as theme song for PSP game “Fate/Extra CCC”. The single comes in two editions and hits stores November 7th – updated release details follow.

Kanon Wakeshima is a “cello-vocalist” – a rare combination in the world of pop/rock music. Wakeshima’s early singles and Lolita x Visual-kei style were influenced by her producer legendary guitarist Mana (Malice Mizer/Moi dix Mois). Her debut single “STILL DOLL” (2008) was featured as ending theme for popular anime Vampire Knight and second single “Suna no Oshiro” was features as the ending theme for the second season Vampire Knight Guilty.

Wakeshima more recently partnered with visual-kei artist Kanon of An Café forming unit Kanon x Kanon. This duo released singles “Calendula Requiem” (2010) and “Koi no Dotei” (2011).

Anime To Love-Ru Darkness is the third installment of the To Love-Ru anime franchise and is adapted from a spin-off manga of the same name. All the characters are back but former main character Lala takes a back-seat to her sister Momo and her devilish harem plan. Comedy and fan-service ensue.


The anime just began airing late-night in Japan October 6th and initially was announced that Sentai had licensed the show and The Anime Network (TAN) would simulcast stream outside of Japan (North America, UK). Unfortunately it appears due to some miscommunication or human error TAN aired the first episode 24-hours early. Subsequently all references and links to airing the show at TAN’s website have been removed. Hopefully this will be resolved soon and fans outside of Japan can have a legitimate way to watch the anime’s episodes. More details at Anime News Network (article link at bottom).

Kanon Wakeshima’s new double-A side single comes on two editions,

– Limited with bonus DVD that includes her live performance “The strange treat! @ Shibuya 7th FLOOR”, double cover jacket themed for the tie-ins with To Love-Ru Darkness and Fate/Extra CCC

– Regular CD-only. Cover jacket Wakeshima themed.

Trailer videos for To Love-Ru Darkness and Fate/Extra CCC follow after the single release details.

Kanon WakeshimaFoul Play ni Kurari / Sakura Meikyu – release date November 7th 2012

Limited [CD+DVD] (¥1890)
Regular [CD] (¥1260)
[CD] (track list tentative)
1. Foul Play ni Kurari
2. Sakura Meikyu
3. Foul Play ni Kurari (off vocal)
4. Sakura Meikyu (off vocal)
1. The strange treat! (live Shibuya 7th FLOOR)
1. Foul Play ni Kurari
2. Sakura Meikyu
3. Foul Play ni Kurari (off vocal)
4. Sakura Meikyu (off vocal)


To Love-Ru Darkness – October 2012


Fate/Extra CCC – February 2013

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