Singer-songwriter Lisa Halim has released a new single “Itsumademo…feat. Maiko Nakamura” digitally only via iTunes and Chaku-Uta Full on March 28th. The song is in collaboration with popular R&B singer Maiko Nakamura. Lisa is half Indonesian and half Japanese and debuted in 2007 with a mini-album and had several single releases in 2007-2008. Since 2009 she has written songs and collaborated with artists such as KG, LGYankees, and Clench & Blistah. More details, links, and preview video follow,

Lisa Halim – “Isumademo..feat. Maiko Nakamura” – digital release March 28th 2012

Lisa HalimItsumademo..feat. Maiko Nakaumura” at iTunes (Japan)

Lisa HalimItsumademo..feat. Maiko Nakaumura” at Rekochoku (Chaku-Uta)

Lisa Halim Official website