nano is getting her second single “No pain, No game” ready for release and has exposed a preview music video and making-of footage. The single written by Kemu Tsukamoto (kemu) is featured as theme song for Fall anime BTOOM!. “No pain, No game” comes in two editions and hits stores on October 10th – read on for more details and videos.

nano’s debut single “Now or Never” (OP Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle) was a collaboration with Nishibe Makoto (arrangement) and Darvish-P (composer), together the three made the unit “nanovish”. Similar with her second single collaboration both Darvish-P and kemu are known for producing Vocaloid songs and active in the Nico Nico video sharing community.

Anime BTOOM! is adapted from manga by Inoue Junya and follows the story of Sakamoto Ryota an unemployed 22 year old who is one of the top players in an online game called Btoom. After falling asleep as his desk he awakes on a tropical island with no memory of how it got there. He soon realizes he’s in some real-life version of his favorite game in which death is all too real.


BTOOM! is produced by Madhouse Studios and begins airing late-night October 4th in Japan on Tokyo MX. Its announced that Sentai Filmworks has licensed the anime which means it should be available on Crunchyroll and The Anime Network for streaming outside of Japan but no official word yet on streaming availability. Check back to Comtrya Sugoi for updates.

No pain, No game” comes in two Regular CD-only editions, a ‘nano’ version and ‘anime’ version with different coupling tracks.

nano – “No pain, No game” – release date October 10th 2012

Regular nano [CD+DVD] (¥1100)
Regular anime [CD] (¥1100)
1. No pain, No game
2. Crossroad
3. No pain, No game (off vocal)
4. Crossroad (off vocal)
1. No pain, No game
2. Exist
3. No pain, No game (off vocal)
4. Exist (off vocal)




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