No question this week – AKB48 with their 29th single “Eien Pressure” tops and gives the idol group another record with their 11th single selling over 1million copeis and their 16th #1 single in row. The single sold over 1,073,499 copies. In the second spot is lead vocalist Atsushi of male group EXILE with a solo single “Melrose ~ Aisanai yakusoku ~”.

Landing in 6th is the EGOIST unit formed with ryo (supercell) and vocalist chelly with their 3rd single “Namae no Nai Kabutsu” which is featured as the ending theme for anime PSYCHO-PASS.

Topping the album charts is EXILE with “Best Hits Love Side / Soul Side” compilation album selling 382,000 copies. In the second and third spots are YUI with her greatest hits albums “Green Garden Pop” and “Orange Garden Pop” – both selling over 115,000 copies.

The complete top 10 single and album charts follow.

Singles for December 3rd – 9th

Rank   Group/Artist Single Title Released Sold
1 AKB48 Eien Pressure Dec 5th 1,073,499
2 Exile Atsushi Melrose ~ Aisanai yakusoku ~ Dec 5th 92,168
3 GLAY Justice [from] Guilty Dec 5th 46,031
4 GLAY Unmeiron Dec 5th 45,718
5 The MONSTERS MONSTERS Nov 28th 22,624
6 EGOIST Namae no Nai Kabutsu Dec 5th 21,320
7 2AM Darenimo watasenai yo Dec 5th 19,153
8 Various artists Kuroko’s Basketball Character Solo Series 9 Dec 5th 14,314
9 Root 5 Shinsei Shinwa / Boku Tokidoki Dec 5th 12,309
10 Various artists Kuroko’s Basketball Character Solo Series 11 Dec 5th 11,128


Albums for December 3rd – 9th

Rank   Group/Artist Album Title Released Sold
1 Exile Best Hits Love side/Soul side Dec 5th 382,217
2 YUI Green Garden Pop Dec 5th 116,712
3 YUI Orange Garden Pop Dec 5th 115,943
4 Mr. Children [(an imitation) blood orange] Nov 28th 82,272
5 Yumi Matsutoya 40 Shunen Kinen Best Album Nov 21st 74,419
6 BIGBANG Special Final in Dome Memorial Collection Dec 5th 45,910
7 Ayumi Hamasaki again Dec 8th 34,402
8 Girls Generation Girls Generation II ~Girls & Peace~  Nov 28th 24,296
9 HY Route29 Dec 5th 18,092
10 Arashi Popcorn Oct 31st 17,442


Source: Oricon