Mami Kawada is getting read to release her greatest hits album “BEST -BIRTH-“ and cover jackets plus full track list are revealed. The track list now includes many of her singles with anime tie-ins, songs from anime or game releases, and two new songs. Mami Kawada “BEST -BIRTH-“ hits stores February 13th 2013 – updated details and audio previews follow.

Included on the album is upcoming single “FIXED STAR” which will be featured as the theme song for anime movie Toaru Majutsu no Index: Endymion no Kiseki (A Certain Magical Index: Miracle of Endymion). The single releases on February 20th 2013 a week after the album. Another new song on the album is lead track “BIRTH” – both new songs have audio previews below.

Mami Kawada debuted in 2002 with song “Sora no Mori de” that was featured as ending theme for anime Onegai Teacher and has released 16 singles in total. All except for one have been tied to anime as opening or ending theme songs including “Hishoku no Sora”, “Joint”, “Prophecy”, and “Serment” all tied to anime franchise Shakugan no Shana. Kawada has also been featured on over 25 songs with anime and game tie-ins which weren’t released as stand-alone singles. In addition to performing the songs she is often credited with writing the lyrics for many even providing songs such as “Piece of My Heart” by Nami Maisaki for game Love, Election & Chocolate.

Mami Kawada will hold a special live event “BIRTH LIVE-ONE NIGHT POWERBOMB!” at Shibuya duo Music Exchange on March 29th 2013.

Her greatest hits album “BEST -BIRTH-“ comes in two editions,

– Limited with bonus Blu-ray that includes footage from Kawada’s 2012 Live Tour ~ Square the Circle ~ captured at Ebisu Liquid Room September 17th 2012.

– Regular CD-only

Cover jackets, full track list, and possible bonuses will be announced so check back to Comtrya Sugoi for updates.

Mami Kawada – “BEST -BIRTH-“ – release date February 13th 2013

Limited [CD+BD] (¥3675)
Regular [CD] (¥2940)
[CD] (tentative)
1. radiance (OP Starship Operators)
2. Hishoku no Sora (OP Shakugan no Shana)
3. Akai Namida (insert song Shakugan no Shana)
4. Get my way! (ED Hayate Combat Butler)
5. JOINT (OP Shakugan no Shana II)
6. PSI-missing (OP1 A Certain Magical Index)
7. masterpiece (OP2 A Certain Magical Index)
8. No buts! (OP1 A Certain Magical Index II)
9. See visionS (OP2 A Certain Magical Index II)
10. Borderland (OP Jormungand)
11. Kaze to kimi o daite
12. FIXED STAR (ED A Certain Magical Index Movie)
13. Kaze to kimi wo daite -2013 ver.- (theme game ‘miss you’)
14. eclipse (theme game ‘Ringetsu’)
15. Asu e no namida (ED Onegi☆Twins)
1. Mami Kawada 2012 Live Tour ~ Square the Circle Ebisu Liquid Room September 17th 2012
[CD] (tentative)
1. radiance
2. Hishoku no Sora
3. Akai Namida
4. Get my way!
6. PSI-missing
7. masterpiece
8. No buts!
9. See visionS
10. Borderland
11. Kaze to kimi o daite
13. Kaze to kimi wo daite -2013 ver.-
14. eclipse
15. Asu e no namida


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