Topping the weekly singles charts is fripSide with opening theme for anime A Certain Scientific Railgun S, “sister’s noise”. It’s the group’s first #1 single and 5th single tied to the anime and game franchise. In the 9th spot is singer and voice actress Yoko Hikasa with her debut solo single “Utsukushiki zankoku na sekai” featured as the ending theme for anime Attack on Titan.

The album charts are topped by Kinki Kids member Domoto Tsuyoshi with cover album “Kaba” selling over 77,000 copies.

The complete top 10 single and album charts follow.

Singles for May 6th – 12th


Rank   Group/Artist Single Title Released Sold
1 fripSide sister’s noise May 8th 27,275
2 Hijirigawa Masato (cv: Kenichi Suzumura) Uta no Prince-sama 2000% character single May 8th 22,152
3 Bakusute Sotokanda Icchome Byte Fighter May 8th 19,463
4 Hoshino Gen GAG May 8th 19,198
5 Tomomi Kasai Mine May 8th 18,550
6 Yui Ogura Baby Sweet Berry Love May 8th 14,872
7 SEKAI NO OWARI RPG May 1st 13,171
8 Sexy Zone Real Sexy! / BAD BOYS May 1st 12,840
9 Yoko Hikasa Utsukushiki zankoku na sekai May 8th 9.021
10 EXILE Atsushi & Nobuyuki Tsujii Soredemo, ikite Yuku May 1st 7,880


Albums for May 6th – 12th

Rank   Group/Artist Album Title Released Sold
1 Domoto Tsuyoshi Kaba May 8th 77,440
2 Yuzu LAND May 1st 28,487
3 Ayaka Hirahara 10th anniversary singles collection May 8th 10,822
4 Hoshino Gen Stranger May 1st 10,715
5 E-girls Lesson 1 April 17th 9,910
6 Funky Monkey Babys Funky Monkey Babys LAST BEST March 27th 9,661
7 StarS StarS May 8th 6,888
8 SHINee Chapter 2 Why So Serious? (import) May 3rd 6,837
9 Golden Bomber The Past Masters Vol. 1 April 24th 6,562
10 Masayuki Suzuki Open Sesame May 8th 5,196


Source: Oricon