On top of the singles charts are the boys of Kis-My-Ft2 with their 9th #1 and 9th single SNOW DOME no Yakusoku /  Luv Sick selling over 268,000 copies. Climbing into the #4 spot is idol group Afilia Saga with single S.M.L featured as the OP for anime My mental choices are completely interfering with my school romantic comedy. And a bit further down is pop diva Koda Kumi in the #9 spot with her 56th single Dreaming Now!.

A number of other anime tie-up single releases are just out of the top 10 – In the #18 spot is OLDCODEX’s 8th single Walk featured as the ED for anime Kuroko’s Basketball. Voice actress and singer Yui Horie gets into the #19 spot with 16th single Golden Time that includes the OP and ED (Sweet & Sweet CHERRY) for anime GOLDEN TIME. Aoi Eir with her 5th single Sirius lands in the #21 spot. The song is featured as the opening theme for anime KILL la KILL.

Topping the album charts is the first album from Generations from EXILE TRIBE, GENERATIONS selling over 48,000 copies.

Read on for the complete top 10 singles and album charts follow.

Singles for November 11th – 17th 2013


Rank   Group/Artist Single Title Released Sold
1 Kis-My-Ft2 SNOW DOME no Yakusoku / Luv Sick Nov 13th 268,382
2 NMB48 Kamonegikkusu Oct 2nd 57,133
3 Yuzu Ame Nochi Hareruya / Mamotte Agetai Nov 13th 29,960
4 Afilia Saga S.M.L. Nov 13th 28,796
5 CODE-V Ima, Tsutaetaikoto Nov 13th 27,257
6 IDOLING!!! Shout!!! Nov 13th 26,194
7 THE ALFEE GLORIOUS Nov 13th 22,785
8 Chotokkyu Kiss me Baby Nov 13th 21,822
9 Koda Kumi Dreaming Now! Nov 13th 21,135
10 B.A.P. ONE SHOT Nov 13th 18,084
18 OLDCODEX Walk Nov 13th 11,675
19 Yui Horie Golden Time Nov 13th 11,559
21 Aoi Eir Sirius Nov 13th 10,345


Albums for November 11th – 17th 2013


Rank   Group/Artist Album Title Released Sold
1 Generations from EXILE TRIBE GENERATIONS Nov 13th 48,598
2 Lady GAGA Pop Art Nov 6th 27,837
3 The Beatles On Air Live At The BBC Vol. Two Nov 11th 25,779
4 Avril Lavigne Avril Lavigne Nov 6th 24,330
5 Shiina Ringo Ukina Nov 13th 21,365
6 Shiina Ringo Mitsugetsu Shou Nov 13th 14,946
7 Pay money To my Pain gene Nov 13th 13,647
8 Arashi LOVE Oct 23rd 10,203
9 Paul McCartney NEW Oct 14th 9,063
10 Kimura Kaela ROCK Oct 30th 8,162


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