BITTER & SWEET added more details for their 2nd DVD single Darenimo Naisho / Gesshoku (誰にもナイショ  / 月蝕) – jacket cover and full track list revealed. They also unveiled the full music video for Darenimo Naisho (A Secret From Everyone) with English subtitles. Single Darenimo Naisho / Gesshoku comes on one edition hitting stores September 3rd 2014 – read on for more details and music video.

Unit member Tasaki Asahi (田崎あさひ) (18), who has released two solo singles, won UP-FRONT’s 2nd FOREST Award New Face audition (2012) and Hasegawa Moemi (長谷川萌美) (20) won the 3rd FOREST Award New Face (2013).


The Hello!Project producers brought them together in 2013 to form unit BITTER & SWEET which released their first indie DVD single Install on March 19th 2014.

Music video for Darenimo Naisho (A Secret From Everyone) follows below the release details.

BITTER & SWEETDarenimo Naisho / Gesshoku (誰にもナイショ  / 月蝕) – release date September 3rd 2014

Limited [DVD+CD] (¥1333)
1. Darenimo Naisho (music video)
2. Geshoku (music video)
1. Darenimo Naisho
2. Geshoku
3. Darenimo Naisho (off vocal)
4. Geshoku (off vocal)



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