ChouCho announced new single Natsu no hi to Kimi no Koe (夏の日と君の声) featured as the opening theme for upcoming anime GLASSLIP. ChouCho is also writing the lyrics for her 10th single’s title song and coupling track (tentative). Single Natsu no hi to Kimi no Koe comes one edition scheduled for release on August 6th 2014. More early release details follow…

~ Updated details and PV ~

Most recently ChouCho released 9th single Ano Sora ni Kaeru Mirai de (あの空に還る未来で) on February 26th 2014. The single is featured as the ending theme for Sunrise studios mech anime Buddy Complex.

Previously she released 2nd album secretgarden on December 25th 2013. The album includes her singles Hikari (ED Fairy Fencer F PS3 game, 2013.10.23), starlog (OP Fate/kaleid liner, 2013.07.31), Sora to Kimi no Message (ED Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet, 2013.05.22), and DreamRiser (OP GIRLS und PANZER, 2012.10.24), 12 tracks total.

Anime GLASSLIP is an original story from studio P.A.Works that follows six high school students who meet during summer break. The place is a small town where transfer student Okikura Kakeru comes for summer vacation and meets the other five for a fun, emotional, and hot summer experience.


The anime features Ohsaka Ryota (Ace of the Diamond) as Okikura Kakeru and newcomer Fukagawa Seria (18) as Fukami Touko. The anime airs in Japan starting July 2014. Current trailer video follows below the release details.

Band nano.RIPE provides the ending theme with 13th single Toumei na Sekai (透明な世界).

Single Natsu no hi to Kimi no Koe (夏の日と君の声) comes on one edition (details subject to change). Jacket cover, full track list and more will be updated when announced.

ChouChoNatsu no hi to Kimi no Koe – release date August 6th 2014

Regular [CD] (¥1200)

1. Natsu no hi to Kimi no Koe
2. undecided
3. Natsu no hi to Kimi no Koe (off vocal)
4. undecided (off vocal)



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