DOES has officially announced new single Guren (紅蓮) featured as the 15th opening theme for anime NARUTO Shippuden. It’s the rock band’s 14th single and first in a year and a half. Single Guren comes on two editions scheduled for release July 2nd 2014. Read on for more details and audio preview.

Rock band DOES last released new single Yumermiru Sekai on November 14th 2012. The single’s title track was featured as the third opening theme for anime Space Brothers. Most recently the band released album OTHERSIDE OF DOES on September 25th 2013. The album celebrated their 10th anniversary since forming and included coupling tracks, unpublished songs, and new tracks.

Long running anime NARUTO Shippuden is adapted from manga by Kishimoto Masashi and follows the story of Uzumaki Naruto and the rest of the Konoha ninja. The original NARUTO anime started airing in 2002 with 220 episodes and continues as NARUTO Shippuden starting in 2007 with 359+ episodes aired.


The anime airs primetime on TV Tokyo in Japan and simulcast on several providers outside of Japan including Crunchyroll. Check our Crunchyroll new episodes page or hit the link for NARUTO Shippuden for episodes and related stories. Song Guren began airing as the opening theme with episode 357 on April 3rd 2014.

The single comes on two editions (details subject to change). Limited includes DVD with music videos for the title track and song Touku Made from album OTHERSIDE OF DOES. Audio preview for title track Guren below.

Jacket covers, final track list, and more yet to be revealed, follow Comtrya Sugoi for updates.

DOES Guren (紅蓮) – release date July 2nd 2014

Limited [CD+DVD] (¥1271)

Regular [CD] (¥971)

1. Guren

2. Future Boy (tentative)
1. Guren (music video)
2. Touku Made (music video)

1. Guren
2. Future Boy


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