Faylan (飛蘭) previously announced new album Zero Hearts that includes singles, coupling songs, and more for 12 total tracks. Her 4th original album features 11 songs with tie-ups and the Limited edition’s Blu-ray features eight music videos of her best songs going back to 2011. Album Zero Hearts comes on two editions scheduled for release on December 10th 2014 – read on for more details.

~ updated details, release delayed ~

Singer and songwriter Faylan most recently released 18th single Tokyo Zero Hearts on July 30th 2014. The single has tie-up as OP for anime Tokyo ESP (東京ESP). Previously she released 17th single Yasashisa no Tsubomi (優しさの蕾) on April 30th 2014. The title track has lyrics written by Faylan and featured as ending theme for drama GARO: Makai no Hana (牙狼〈GARO〉-魔戒ノ花-).

Faylan released her 3rd original album PRISM about a year and a half ago on March 9th 2013. Since she has released five singles – all included on the new album.

She’s been busy recording songs for the album with some in-studio photos recently published on her blog site,


Album Zero Hearts comes on two editions (details subject to change). Both editions include a priority ticket purchase flyer for Faylan’s live tour 2015.

Jacket covers and more coming!

FaylanZero Hearts – release date December 10th 2014

Limited [CD+BD] (¥4200)

Regular [CD] (¥3000)

1. God FATE (OP Hakkenden: Toho Hakken Ibun)
2. wonder fang (OP Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East)
3. blue sanction (OP game BLAZBLUE CHRONOPHANTASMA)
5. BELIEVE (Ragnarok World Congress image song)
6. Yasashisa no Tsubomi (ED, GARO: Makai no Hana)
7. Best Fighter (ED anime mashite)
8. synonym (ED final BLAZBLUE ALTER MEMORY)
9. Tokyo Zero Hearts (OP Tokyo ESP)
10. Jiku no Pulse (OP game Sengoku Koihime)
11. 悲烈Violence (OP game Nise Mukyro no Aruruna)
12. Never Slash! (album ver.)

[BD] (music video collection)
1. Shumatsu no Fractal
2. Rasen, Aruiwa Seinaru Yokubou
3. Akari – TOMOSHIBI –
4. Blood teller
5. Dead END
6. Realization

1. God FATE
2. wonder fang 
3. blue sanction
6. Yasashisa no Tsubomi 
7. Best Fighter
8. synonym
9. Tokyo Zero Hearts
10. Jiku no Pulse
11. 悲烈Violence
12. Never Slash! (album ver.)



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