Maon Kurosaki (黒崎真音) updated the release details for single Rakuen no Tsubasa (楽園の翼) – jacket covers, full track list, and audio previews all unveiled. Her 7th single has tie-up as the opening theme for new anime The Fruit of Grisaia (Grisaia no Kajitsu, Le Fruit de la Grisaia, グリザイアの果実). Single Rakuen no Tsubasa hits stores October 15th 2014 – updated details and audio PVs follow.

Most recently Maon Kurosaki released her 3rd album REINCARNATION on July 23rd 2014. The album celebrates  anime Tokyo Ravens with songs in collaboration with the anime’s music director Iuchi Maiko (井内舞子) and fellow I’ve Sound sound creator Takase Kazuya (高瀬一矢). Takase collaborated on Maon Kurosaki’s 6th single X-encounter (2013.11.06) used as the anime’s first opening theme.

Connected to her new single Maon Kurosaki fall/winter mini-tour – WINGS OF EDEN – scheduled for five performances,

– Nov. 23rd 2014 DRUM SON, Fukuoka
– Nov. 30th 2014 HOOK, Sendai
– Dec. 20th 2014 M.I.D., Nagoya
– Dec 21st 2014 FANJ, Kyoto
– Jan. 11th 2015 BLITZ, Akasaka

Anime Grisaia no Kajitsu, Le Fruit de la Grisaia (グリザイアの果実) is adapted from adult game from Frontwing. The story take place at private Mihama Academy and follows Kazami Yuji, a foreign exchange student with a dark past. He meets five classmates as they uncover the past and open their hearts.

The anime begins airing October 5th 2014 on Tokyo MX and outside of Japan provider Crunchyroll simulcasts – check our Crunchyroll updates page or hit the link for The Fruit of Grisaia for episodes and related stories.

The anime’s ending theme Anata no Aishita Sekai (あなたの愛した世界) is provided by voice actor and singer Nanjo Yoshino (南條愛乃)(fripSide) with her 2nd solo single.

Single Rakuen no Tsubasa comes on three editions. Limited First Press versions include bonus ChaosTCG PR card and B3-size double sided poster (Maon Kurosaki x Grisaia no Kajitsu). Regular edition has two additional tracks and includes the bonus poster (most stores, while supplies last).

Audio previews for each song courtesy of SoundCloud after the release details.

Maon KurosakiRakuen no Tsubasa (楽園の翼) – release date October 15th 2014

Limited [CD+DVD] (¥1800)
Limited “Anime” [CD+DVD] (¥1600)
1. Rakuen no Tsubasa
lyrics: Kuwashima Yuichi, music: Fujima Hitoshi (Elements Garden)

2. Scanning resolution
lyrics,composer: Watanabe Sho, arrangement: Nakayama Masato

3. Rakuen no Tsubasa (off vocal)
4. Scanning resolution (off vocal)

1. Rakuen no Tsubasa (music video)
2. making-of music video documentary
3. TVCM spot(s)

1. Rakuen no Tsubasa
2. Scanning resolution
3. Rakuen no Tsubasa (off vocal)
4. Scanning resolution (off vocal)

1. Grisaia no Kajitsu opening animation (textless)
2. Rakuen no Tsubasa (music video, short)

Regular [CD] (¥1200)
1. Rakuen no Tsubasa
2. Scanning resolution
3. Wishful ☆ Garnet
lyrics,composer: Maon Kurosaki, arrangement: Nakazawa Tomoyuki (I’ve Sound)

4. Rakuen no Tsubasa (off vocal)
5. Scanning resolution (off vocal)
6. Wishful ☆ Garnet (off vocal)



M01. Rakuen no Tsubasa(TVアニメ「グリザイアの果実」オープニングテーマ)
M02. Scanning resolution(作詞/作曲:渡辺 翔、編曲:中山真斗)
M03. Wishful☆Garnet(作詞/作曲:黒崎真音、編曲:中沢伴行、尾崎武士)


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