Nana Mizuki recently announced new single [untitled] with tie-up as the opening theme for upcoming anime DOG DAYS season 3 (DOG DAYS”). She also continues voicing character Ricotta Elmar in the fantasy romance anime. Her 31st single comes on one CD-only edition scheduled for release on January 14th 2015 – read on for more details.

~ updated detailsNo Limit OP DOG DAYS ~

Top voice actor and singer Nana Mizuki previously provided the opening themes SCARLET KNIGHT (2011.04.13, 23rd single) and FEARLESS HERO (2012.08.01 coupling track 28th single) for the anime’s first and second seasons respectively.

Most recently Nana Mizuki released single Kindan no Resistance (禁断のレジスタンス) on October 15th 2014. Her 30th single has tie-up as the opening theme for anime CROSS ANGE: Tenshi to Ryu no Rondo. and Nana Mizuki voices lead character “Ange” in the action fan service anime.

Original anime DOG DAYS follows the story of athletic but regular boy Izumi Shinku who is summoned to the world of Flonyard by Princess Millhoire of the Biscotti Republic. Overcoming the shock of being in a different world he learns his destiny as the hero to defend Biscotti from attacking neighboring countries. Season 3 takes place 3 months after the events of season 2.


The anime features a strong cast staring Yui Horie (Millhoire) and Mamoru Miyano (Izumi Shinku) with Aoi Yuuki (Kuberu), Ayana Taketatsu (Éclair), and Nana Mizuki. DOG DAYS” begins airing January 2015 in Japan. Outside of Japan provider Crunchyroll has season 1 & 2 available on-demand and will hopefully simulcast season 3 (not official).

As with the first two seasons Yui Horie provides the anime’s ending theme [untitled] – more details coming.

Nana Mizuki’s 31st single comes on one CD-only edition (details subject to change). First Press version has deluxe packaging. Jacket covers, full track list, and more details coming!

Nana Mizuki – [untitled] – release date January 14th 2015

Regular [CD] (¥1200)

1. untitled (OP DOG DAYS")
2. untitled
3. untitled
4. untitled


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