nano is getting ready to release her 5th single INFINITY ≠ ZERO / SABLE and unveiled the music video for INFINITY ≠ ZERO that has tie-up as theme for movie Bakumatsu Kokosei (幕末高校生). Other title track SABLE is featured as ED2 for anime M3 the dark metal (M3 ~ Sono Kuroki Hagane ~). Double a-side single INFINITY ≠ ZERO / SABLE comes on two editions hitting stores July 23rd 2014 – more details and MV follows.

The single also includes coupling track PARALYZE:D has tie-up as the theme song for PS Vita “Otome” game RE:VICE[D] from Idea Factory releasing July 24th 2014 – game preview below. 

Movie Bakumatsu Kokosei (幕末高校生) staring Tamaki Hiroshi (Waterboys) and Ishihara Satomi (Sadako 3D2) premieres July 26th 2014 in Japan.

Anime  M3 the dark metal (M3 ~ Sono Kuroki Hagane ~, M3~ソノ黑キ鋼~) an original anime from studio Satelight. The story, set in the near future, follows a group of high school students in Tokyo who must deal with black zone with strange beings called Imashime.

The anime features Yoko Hikasa (Hazaki Emiru) and Matsuoka Yoshitsugu (Saginuma Akashi) and began airing April 21st 2014 on Tokyo MX. Outside of Japan provider is simulcasting the anime.

The anime’s second opening theme is provided by Maaya Sakamoto with her 24th single Replica (more details).

Single INFINITY ≠ ZERO / SABLE comes on two editions with alternate themes for each title song plus tracklists differ,

– Anime version with SABLE as lead track includes coupling track PARALYZE:D and bonus anime themed postcard.
– Movie version with INFINITY ≠ ZERO as lead track includes coupling track Dusty Mirror and bonus tin badge that varies by store and while supplies last (samples below),


Full music video for song INFINITY ≠ ZERO plus previews for movie Bakumatsu Kokosei and PS Vita game RE:VICE[D] all after the release details.

nanoINFINITY ≠ ZERO / SABLE – release date July 23rd 2014

M3 ~ Sono Kuroki Hagane version [CD] (¥1400)

Bakumatsu Kokosei version [CD] (¥1400)

4. SABLE (off vocal)
5. INFINITY ≠ ZERO (off vocal)
6. PARALYZE:D (off vocal)
3. Dusty Mirror
4. INFINITY ≠ ZERO (off vocal) 
5. SABLE (off vocal)
6. Dusty Mirror (off vocal)






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