nano.RIPE unveiled more details for single Toumei na Sekai (透明な世界) – jacket covers, full track list, and preview music video revealed. Their 13th single has tie-up as the ending theme for upcoming anime GLASSLIP. Single Toumei na Sekai comes on two editions hitting stores July 23rd 2014 – updated release details and PVs follow.

The band will hold several release events for the new single with participation ticket available to purchasers of either edition of the new single at the target stores. All include an acoustic mini-live and two will be recorded live for Tokyo FM,

– August 2nd 2014 1:30pm HALL BEE Fukui City (Animate – Fukui, Gifu, Nagoya)
– August 3rd 2014 12:30pm Kanazawa AZ (Animate – Kanazawa, Toyama, Tower Records – Kanazawa)
– August 10th 2014 12:30pm & 4:30pm adds public recording Tokyo FM Hall (Tower Records, Animate – Tokyo area)
– August 23rd 2014 1:00pm adds autograph session Tower Records Namba
– August 24th 2014 1:30pm SiX DOG Nagoya (Animate, Tower Records – Nagoya)

Most recently band nano.RIPE released 3rd album Namida no Ochiru Sokudo (涙の落ちる速度) on January 8th 2014. The album includes singles Moshimo no Hanashi (2012.10.31, OP Bakuman), Kagefumi (2013.03.06, OP Hanasaku Iroha HOME SWEET HOME), Tsukihana (2013.05.22, ED The Devil is a Part-Timer!), and their most recent single Nanairo Biyori (2013.10.30, OP Non Non Biyori), and more for 14 total tracks.

Anime GLASSLIP is an original story from studio P.A.Works that follows six high school students who meet during summer break. The place is a small town where transfer student Okikura Kakeru comes for summer vacation and meets the other five for a fun, emotional, and hot summer experience.


The anime features Ohsaka Ryota (Ace of the Diamond) as Okikura Kakeru and airs in Japan starting July 3rd 2014 on Tokyo MX. Current trailer video follows below the release details.

Singer ChouCho provides the opening theme with her 10th single Natsu no hi to Kimi no Koe (夏の日と君の声).

Single Toumei na Sekai (透明な世界) comes on two editions. Limited’s DVD includes music video plus live performance captured during nano.RIPE LIVE TOUR 2014 Hanaakari at LIQUIDROOM Tokyo (20 songs). Selected stores include release event ticket (target stores listed above). Also a special bonus at select stores,

– bonus CD (song) Star Chart – Acoustic – (Tower Records)
– bonus CD (song) Nanairo Biyori -Acoustic- (Animate)

Preview music video and anime trailer follow below the release details.

nano.RIPEToumei na Sekai – release date July 23rd 2014

Limited [CD+DVD] (¥2200)
Regular [CD] (¥1300)
1. Toumei na Sekai
2. Zettaichi
3. Fault Finder
1. Toumei na Sekai (music video)
2. nano.RIPE LIVE TOUR 2014 Hanaakari at LIQUIDROOM Tokyo
– Wendy
– Sora no Shounen
– Nanairo Biyori
-  Kokyu
– Planetarium
– Santousei
– Tsuki Hana
– Yume no Hate
– Tsukikage to Blanco – Acoustic –
– Virtual Boy – Acoustic –
– Kagefumi – Acoustic –
– 15-seconds
– Marine Snow
– Tsumabiku Hitori
– Takion
– Kisetsu no Machi
– Omokage Warp
– Real World
– Atokata
– Halo
1. Toumei na Sekai
2. Zettaichi
3. Fault Finder





nano.RIPE official website

GLASSLIP official website