Ayano Mashiro (綾野ましろ) is getting ready to release special mini-album early days. The concept album includes indie songs recorded before her debut and live recordings of her first singles. Concept mini-album early days comes on one CD-only edition hitting stores January 13th 2016.

Anisong singer Ayano Mashiro most recently released digital single focus light (2015.10.09) and 3rd single infinity beyond (2015.08.19) with tie-up as theme song for game Gunslinger Stratos Reload. She previously provided the opening theme vanilla sky (2nd sgl, 2015.04.29) for anime adaption Gunslinger Stratos.

Mini-album early days includes live recordings of vanilla sky plus debut single ideal white (2014.10.22, OP Fate/stay night ‘Unlimited Blade Works’) and coupling track Rinko (燐光). The songs were captured during her first solo concert events – Mashirontier presents Ayano Mashiro 1st Anniversary One-man Live 2015 ~lycoris~ held October 31st 2015 COLONY Sapporo & November 3rd 2015 O-WEST Tokyo.

Most stores offer a bonus postcard set with purchase – image and availability varies by store (common and CDJapan ver),



Ayano Mashiroearly days – release date January 13th 2016

Regular [CD] (¥1852)
1. white feel ~overture~
2. Wingless Diver
3. Kyoku wo Shuroku
4. re:rain
5. Haru so no Machi
7. ideal white (live)
8. Rinko (live)
9. vanilla sky (live)


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