Ayano Mashiro (綾野ましろ) updated the release details for new single Lotus Pain – anime jacket covers, coupling tracks, bonus details, and prevew music video unveiled. Her 4th single gets tie-up as ending theme for anime D.Gray-man HALLOW. Single Lotus Pain comes on three editions scheduled for release on August 3rd 2016.

She writes the lyrics for all three tracks on her new single including the title track – her first for a lead song.

Ayano Mashiro most recently released digital single cover song Believe (orig. Narumi Tamaki) on March 8th 2016. Previously she released her first mini-album early days (2016.01.13)1 that includes indie songs recorded before her debut and live recordings of her first singles.

Anime D.Gray-man HALLOW is the long awaited continuation of the anime adaption of manga by Hoshino Katsura (星野 桂). The first series D.Gray-man aired 103 episodes from 2006 – 2008.

The anime starts July 4th 2016 in Japan and provider simulcasts. Rock band Lenny code fiction provides opening theme Key -bring it on, my Destiny-.

Single Lotus Pain comes on three editions. Limited Pressing gets anime themed illustrated jacket cover. Limited edition includes bonus reversible wrist-strap (1 of 3)(click to enlarge),


Preview music video and anime preview after the release details.

Ayano MashiroLotus Pain – release date August 3rd 2016

Limited [CD+DVD] (¥1630)

Limited Pressing "anime" [CD] (¥1500)
1. Lotus Pain
lyrics: Ayano Mashiro, music: Yasuda Fumio

2. marionnette
lyrics: Ayano Mashiro, music: Takase Kazuya

3. tiny wings
lyrics: Ayano Mashiro, composer: Osaki Hayato, arranger: Okochi Kouta

4. Lotus Pain (off vocal) (Limited)
4. Lotus Pain (TV-Size) (Limited Pressing "anime")

[DVD] Limited
1. Lotus Pain (music video)

Regular [CD] (¥1204)

1. Lotus Pain
2. marionnette
3. tiny wings
4. Lotus Pain (off vocal)

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