nano.RIPE celebrates their 5th anniversary since major label debut with singles collection album Shiawase no Kutsu (シアワセのクツ). The album includes 13 singles plus indie song Shikisai and new song Chikyuu ni Hari for 15 total tracks. Album Shiawase no Kutsu comes on two editions hitting stores September 23rd 2015.

Band nano.RIPE formed in 2008 with unique voice of Kimiko (Vo, Gr), Sasaki Jun (Gr), Abe Nobuyuki (B) and Shinn (Dr). The band underwent line-up change in fall 2011 with drummer Shinn leaving and eventually replaced by Aoyama Yuki.

The band signed with Lantis in 2010 releasing debut major label single Patricia on September 22nd 2010. Many of their song’s have anime tie-ups including 7th single Esoragoto (OP Sankarea), 12th single Nanairo Biyori (OP Non Non Biyori), and others.

Their recently released 14th single (not included on album) Kodama Kotodama (2015.07.22) is featured as theme song for Non Non Biyori Repeat.

Album Shiawase no Kutsu comes on two editions. Limited includes blu-ray with music video collection. Preview music video for new song Chikyuu ni Hari and album digest audio preview video both after the release details.

nano.RIPEShiawase no Kutsu (シアワセのクツ) – release date September 23rd 2015

Limited [CD+BD] (¥3900)
Regular [CD] (¥3000)
1. Shikisai
2. Esoragoto (7th sgl)
3. Moshimo no Hanashi (9th sgl)
4. Nanairo Biyori (12th sgl)
5. Tsukihana (11th sgl)
6. Saibou Kioku (4th sgl)
7. Yuki no Say (6th sgl)
8. Flash Keeper (2th sgl)
9. Toumei na Sekai (13th sgl)
10. Real World (8th sgl)
11. Omokage Warp (5th sgl)
12. Hana no Iro (3th sgl)
13. Kagefumi (10th sgl)
14. Patricia (1st sgl)
15. Chikyuu ni Hari (new)

1. Patricia (music video)
2. Flash Keeper (music video)
3. Hana no Iro (music video)
4. Omokage Warp (music video)
5. Seratona (music video))
6. Esoragoto (music video)
7. An sa Song (music video)
8. Real World (music video)
9. Number Zero (music video)
10. Moshimo no Hanashi (music video)
11. Tsumabiku Hitori (music video)
12. Nanairo Biyori (music video)
13. Hello (music video)
14. Toumei na Sekai (music video)
15. Kotae Awase (music video)
16. Kodama Koto da ma (music video)
17. Chikyuu ni Hari (music video)

1. Shikisai
2. Esoragoto
3. Moshimo no Hanashi
4. Nanairo Biyori 
5. Tsuki Hana
6. Saibou Kioku
7. Yuki no Say
8. Flash Keeper
9. Toumei na Sekai
10. Real World
11. Omokage Warp
12. Hana no Iro
13. Kagefumi
14. Patricia
15. Chikyuu ni Hari


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