OLDCODEX unveiled the jacket covers, full track list, and teaser music video for new single Feed A. Their 11th single has tie-up as theme song for upcoming anime GOD EATER. Single Feed A comes on two editions hitting stores August 5th 2015. Updated details and PVs follow.

Unit OLDCODEX formed in 2009 and currently includes singer/composer and voice actor Suzuki Tatsuhisa (goes by Ta_2) and songwriter/artist YORKE who provides lyrics and album cover art. They released 10th single Lantana on June 10th 2015 with tie-up as ED3 for season 3 of anime Kuroko’s Basketball.

Anime GOD EATER adapted from ufotable game is set in the near future after an unknown life form called Oracle Cells have begun consuming all life on Earth. Immune to conventional weapons and with adaptive intelligence this new enemy has driven civilization to collapse and humanity towards extinction. One last hope, God Arcs, living weapons based on Oracle Cells and wielded by a select force must save the world.

The anime features new lead character Utsugi Renka voiced by Kijima Ryuichi and Maaya Sakamoto as Alisa Illinichina Amiella. The anime’s first episode June 28th 2015 pre-screening was canceled and airing on Tokyo MX was further delayed and planned to air starting July 12th 2015. Provider Daisuki.net will stream the anime exclusively outside of Japan.

Single Feed A comes on two editions. Selected stores offer bonus postcard (animate, Tower Records, and others) check store for availability.

Teaser music video and anime trailer after the release details.

OLDCODEXFeed A – release date August 5th 2015

Limited [CD+DVD] (¥1800)
Regular [CD] (¥1300)
1. Feed A
lyrics: YORKE, composer: Ta_2, arranger: Koyama Toshi

2. Stained me
lyrics: YORKE, music: Gz
3. Where I Stand
Lyrics: YORKE, composer: Ta_2, arranger: eba
1. Feed A (music video)
2. making-of music video documentary

1. Feed A 
2. Stained me
3. Where I Stand


OLDCODEX official website

GOD EATER the anime