OLDCODEX reveals more details for new single Deal with – jacket covers, full track list, and preview music video unveiled. Their 13th single has tie-up as opening theme for upcoming anime SERVAMP (サーヴァンプ) with group member Suzuki Tatsuhisa (Ta_2) voicing supporting character Tsubaki in the vampire anime. Single Deal with comes on two editions hitting stores July 27th 2016.

Most recently unit OLDCODEX released a singles collection album Fixed Engine on June 8th 2016. The album includes their 12 released singles plus two new songs for 14 total tracks.

Unit OLDCODEX formed in 2009 and currently includes singer/composer/voice actor Suzuki Tatsuhisa (Ta_2 in the band) with songwriter/artist YORKE who provides cover art and lyrics.


Anime Expo (Los Angeles California) hosts the Anisong World Matsuri ~ Japan Band Battle ~ featuring bands OLDCODEX and FLOW. The event happens July 3rd 2016 along with the July 2nd 2016 event Anisong World Matsuri ~ Japan Super Live ~ (Luna Haruna, Eir Aoi, Sphere, T.M.Revolution, and more). Link for more details below.

Anime SERVAMP (サーヴァンプ) is adapted from manga by Strike Tanaka with production by Brains Base and the team the brought anime Aoharu x Machinegun.

The anime airs starting July 5th 2016 on Tokyo MX, AT-X, and other digital stations in Japan. Provider Funimation.com simulcasts for North America. Ending theme sunlight avenue is provided by Terashima Takuma who voices lead character Shirota Mahiru.

Single Deal with comes on two editions. Select stores offer postcard bonus (Tower Records sample),


Preview music video and anime trailer #3 both after the release details.

OLDCODEXDeal with – release date July 27th 2016

Limited [CD+DVD] (¥1800)
Regular [CD] (¥1300)
1. Deal with
lyrics: YORKE, composer: Ta_2, arranger: Koyama Toshi

2. Lead Me Not
lyrics: YORKE, composer: Ta_2, arranger: Koyama Toshi

3. bund
lyrics: YORKE, composer: Ta_2, arranger: Koyama Toshi

[DVD] (Limited ed.)
1. Deal with (music video)
2. making-of music video documentary

OLDCODEX official website

Anime Expo 2016

SERVAMP official site