KinKi Kids top the singles chart with 35th single Yume wo Mireba Kizutsukukoto mo Aru selling over 154,000 copies. Korean group B1A4 lands at #3 with 6th Japanese single HAPPY DAYS.

Anime tied new releases have Afilia Saga at #7 with 15th single Embrace Blade featured as opening theme for anime Anti-Magic Academy The 35th Test Platoon. ex-AKB48 idol Amina Sato in character voice Tachibana Arisu lands at #8 with 36th character song release from The Idolm@ster Cinderella Master. Unit CustomiZ (カスタマイZ) at #10 with 3rd single Kai (解, Solution) ED for anime K RETURN OF KINGS.

AKB48 tops the album charts with singles greatest hits release 0 to 1 no Aida (0と1の間) selling over 625,000 copies. Kana Nishino lands at #2 and #3 with two compilation albums Secret Collection ~ RED ~ and Secret Collection ~ GREEN ~ each selling over 61,000 copies.

Read on for the complete top 10 singles and albums charts.

Singles for November 16th – 22nd 2015


Rank   Group/Artist Single Title Released Sold
1 KinKi Kids Yume wo Mireba Kizutsukukoto mo Aru Nov 18th 154,552
2 back number Christmas Song Nov 18th 43,454
3 B1A4 HAPPY DAYS Nov 18th 39,953
4 Dream Blanket Snow Nov 18th 31,245
5 aiko Puramai Nov 18th 29,709
6 Fairies Mr. Platonic Nov 18th 26,715
7 Afilia Saga Embrace Blade Nov 18th 22,623
8 Amina Sato (CA: Tachibana Arisu) The Idolmaster Cinderella Master 036 Nov 18th 15,470
9 NMB48 Must be now Oct 7th 15,174
10 CustomiZ Kai Nov 18th 14,983

Albums for November 16th – 22nd 2015

Rank   Group/Artist Album Title Released Sold
1 AKB48 o to 1 no Aida Nov 18th 625,756
2 Kana Nishino Secret Collection ~ GREEN ~ Nov 18th 65,025
3 Kana Nishino Secret Collection ~ RED ~ Nov 18th 61,230
4 VA Uta no Prince-sama BLOODY SHADOWS Nov 18th 25,857
5 CHiCO with HoneyWorks Sekai wa i ni Michiteiru Nov 18th 24,440
6 SPYAIR Four Nov 18th 20,444
7 NU’EST Bridge the World Nov 18th 18,798
8 KANJANI8 KANJANI8 no Genki ga Deru CD!! Nov 11th 17,825
9 Arashi  Japonism  Oct 21st 17,529
10 One Direction Made in the A.M. Nov 13th 15,560


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