Yoko Ishida (石田燿子) is about to release album Rainbow Wonderland that includes new song Diamond days ~ Omoi no Chikara ~ with tie-up as RPG game Emil Chronicle Online 10th Anniversary song. Album Rainbow Wonderland comes on one CD-only edition hitting stores December 2nd 2015. Details and music video for Diamond days ~ Omoi no Chikara follow (*jacket cover updated).

The album also includes her other songs and coupling tracks tied to the Emil Chronicle Online game franchise.

Anisong singer Yoko Ishida debuted in 1993 with Otome no Policy featured as ending theme for anime Sailor Moon R. Its been 5 years since she last released original album Another Sky (2010.12.08)

Her new album includes her newest single (20th) COLORFUL BOX (2014.11.26) with tie-up as opening theme for anime SHIROBAKO. Its not planned to include her 19th single Connect Link (2014.09.24) featured as theme song for three anime OVA releases Strike Witches Operation Victory Arrow.

Album Rainbow Wonderland comes on one CD-only edition (details subject to change). Purchase bonus offered at Gamers and Neowing/CDJapan stores of artist photo while supplies last,


Music video for Diamond days ~ Omoi no Chikara ~ after the release details.

Yoko IshidaRainbow Wonderland – release date December 2nd 2015

Regular [CD] (¥3000)
1. Diamond Days ~ Omoi no Chikara ~ (Emil Chronicle Online 10th Anniversary Song)
2. Hajimaru (Emil Chronicle Online 9th Anniversary Song)
3. INFINITY ~ Ano hi o Koete ~ (Emil Chronicle Online 8th Anniversary Song)
4. Inochinoki (Emil Chronicle Online 7th Anniversary Song)
6. Thank you from now on
7. Magic of the rainbow
8. Mata Itsukakun to
9. soar


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