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The boys from rock band FTISLAND have just exposed the music video for their new Japanese single “NEVERLAND” that was released on April 18th. We previously posted here release details and in an earlier article posted a preview video for the single. The group also has a new album “20 [twenty]” upcoming for release on May 16th – release details here.  Information on “NEVERLAND” and the music video follows,

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Korean rock band FTISLAND’s new Japanese single “NEVERLAND” release details and preview video were previously posted here and we now updated release details with the jacket covers. The single is currently featured as the opening theme for anime OZMA and look for it to hit stores next week on April 18th. Updated details on the single follow,

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The Bardanos finds itself in Ozma’s nest: a strange cave filled with fresh water and life. Bainas shoots Gido’s mask, and the face beneath it is that of Sam’s brother.

To the Ends of the Earth : As Gido escapes with Maya, Sam sets off in pursuit with Mimay in tow. But their bike is no match for the Theseus sand cruiser, and Gido escapes. To catch them, they’ll have to go back under the ground with the Bardanos…

Sam takes Maya to a hidden shelter constructed in the distant past, and filled with ancient technology. This shelter is the source of the ship’s technology, and the secret of Sam’s plans to hunt the sand whale…


FTISLAND has a new Japanese single, first for 2012 and seventh overall titled “NEVERLAND”. The single is featured as the opening theme for Spring anime OZMA that began airing on March 16th. The release due out April 18th is offered in three editions, Limited with bonus DVD, Regular CD-only, and a Limited Lawson stores edition with bonus DVD (differs from Limited). Also revealed is a short teaser video for “NEVERLAND” via the FTISLAND Official YouTube channel. Release details and video follow,

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Diving Limits The Sand Pirates have escaped with Maya, and Theseus is in hot pursuit. The pirates dive under the sand, but are locked down by sand anchors. The pressure and temperature in the ship are rising, and time is running out…

It’s a post-apocalyptic future, and the oceans have dried up and the world turned into a single massive desert. Sam Coyne is out hunting sand whales, when he stumbles across a much bigger prize: a mysterious woman on the run from a fleet of destroyers!