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Ueto Aya is Japan’s TV commercial queen for the second straight year, according to media research company Nihon Monitor. Ueto, 25, topped the chart by advertising for 13 companies this year.

Ueto has been involved in a number of campaigns that have run for more than a year, including those for Softbank’s famous Shirato family series in which the paternal figure is played by a white dog, and suit company Aoki. The data suggested that Ueto’s high visibility in commercials has made her a familiar face to most of the nation.

Actresses held all three of the top positions in the ranking with Saki Aibu, 25, second with appearances in ads for 12 companies this year, and Aoi Miyazaki, 25, coming in third with 11. Riding the wave of success that followed the release of their album “Beginner” in November, eight members of pop group AKB48 also ranked highly, including Yuko Oshima, 22, and Atsuko Maeda, 19.

Source – JapanToday

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Artists will depend on their own popularity for fee.  The more popular, the more they’ll get. Arashi is on top!

2010           –        2011

Arashi – 150 million yen ? 150 million yen

Oguri Shun – 25 million yen ? 25 million yen

Mizushima Hiro – 35 million yen ? price not available*

Mukai Osamu – 30 million yen ? 35 million yen

Fukuyama Masaharu – 50 milion yen ? 50 million yen

Ayase Haruka – 35 million yen ? 35 million yen

AKB48 – 30 million yen ? 30 million yen

Sawajiri Erika – 30 million yen ? price not available*

Ueto Aya – 30 million yen ? 30 million yen

Yamada Yuu – 8 million yen ? 8 million yen*

Mizushima Hiro has left his agency, Ken-on, to pursue a writing career.

Sawajiri Erika is not attached to any agency now and has disappeared.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is only for CMs, not including dramas and films. Imagine, 1 million yen is big!

Taken from Fatiha@facebook main source

Just a couple weeks ago, it was learned that Aya Ueto (25) and V6′s Go Morita (31) broke up after an 8-year relationship. At the time, it was said that neither side had found a new lover, but news reports today claim that Ueto is now dating EXILE leader HIRO (41).

Ueto and HIRO have known each other since 1999, when HIRO gave her dance instruction in preparation for her singing debut. At that time, Ueto was 13 years old and in junior high, while HIRO was 29 years old and forming the EXILE predecessor J Soul Brothers. Although their relationship was primarily a student-teacher one, Ueto also thought of HIRO as an older brother. Over the years, Ueto has often been seen at EXILE concerts, and she is also good friends with the group’s other members.

Ueto and HIRO’s friendship is said to have turned into a romance around July of this year. Ueto and Morita broke up in May, despite Ueto’s strong desire to get married. HIRO, on the other hand, has been hard at work as EXILE’s leader and president of their management agency. His last reported relationship was with actress Mayumi Sada (33), but they broke up in 2007.

A representative for HIRO simply said that the two are good friends. Ueto’s agency said that it has not heard about the relationship and is leaving Ueto’s private matters alone now that she is an adult.

Source – Tokyograph

It is being reported that actress Aya Ueto and V6 member Go Morita  have broken up, ending a romance that lasted nearly 8 years. Based on information from multiple sources, it appears that they separated in May, about a month after they first publicly acknowledged their relationship.

Rumors about Ueto and Morita started at the end of 2002, when a magazine published an article claiming that they were dating. Neither side acknowledged those rumors until April of this year, when Ueto confirmed that she was in a relationship. At that time, it was also reported that the two were getting close to marriage.

After those reports of imminent marriage, it is said that Ueto and Morita re-examined their plans for the future. Ueto apparently has a strong desire to get married, but based on the fact that Morita is part of an idol group and both of their schedules are so busy that they often cannot meet, they mutually decided to break up and focus on their careers for now. Sources assure that this is not the result of a fight, nor has either side found someone new.

Source – Tokyograph

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Ueto Aya roles as main character calls Onozawa Rika who didnt have luck with man she dates .Until one day,she found someone who stop her from meet her fate.why?.Full stories inside~


  • Uchino Masaaki as Maruyama Hiroshi
  • Ueto Aya as Onozawa Rika
  • Gekidan Hitori as Hidaka Koji
  • Takashima Reiko as Aoyama Hisako

Tuesdays, 10.00 – 10.43 p.m. from 31 August 2010

26-year-old Onozawa Rika is an art and literature editor who works for a well-established publishing house. She is devoted to her work because she loves books, but for some reason has had no luck with the men she dates. These past few days, a suspicious-looking man wearing sunglasses and a trench coat has been appearing frequently around Rika, and persistently following her. A suspicious Rika tries to find out his identity. However, the man has an incomprehensible request, “I wish you won’t board the bus that comes after this”. At his insistence, Rika gives up taking the bus, but has a fateful encounter with a young man called Maruyama Hiroshi.

Official Website

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Ueto Aya will star in NHK’s time-traveling drama “Still Love You in 10 Years” (starts Tues Aug 31, 10 p.m.). Ueto plays a lovelorn heroine who is visited by her husband from 10 years into the future, a man she has never met.

Ueto appeared at a press conference with her costar Masaaki Uchino, 41, with whom she worked once before in 2004 in “Aim for the Ace!” IN that film, Uchino played her merciless tennis coach.

Ueto acknowledged that she had come of marrying age. “Naturally I could empathize with my character since I am now 24. And yes, I’m thinking about marriage,” she said wistfully.

Source – JapanToday

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Aya Ueto will star in a Fuji TV drama special titled “Ai wa Mieru ~ Zenmou Fuufu ni Yadotta Chiisana Inochi,” in which she will play a blind character for the first time. The story is based on singer-songwriter Satoko Tatemichi (28), who has been blind since birth.

The drama is adapted from the book “Ai wa Mieru ~ Zenmou Fuufu no Takaramono,” which covers Tatemichi’s life as she developed her musical gift despite her blindness. She made her major label debut last year with the song “Takaramono.” While working on her music, Tatemichi also married a blind man in 2004, and she gave birth to a son in 2006.

In the drama, Ueto’s character is named Juri Tatematsu. Like Tatemichi, the character gets married and gives birth to a child, despite opposition from people around her. While raising the child, she continues pushing towards her dream of becoming a professional musician. Her blind husband, a guitarist and masseur, is being played by Keisuke Koide (26).

Ueto and Koide worked with staff from the Tokyo Metropolitan Welfare Association for the Blind, spending a month training for their parts. The two also visited Tatemichi and her husband to learn about their lives.

Fuji TV plans to broadcast the “Ai wa Mieru” drama this September.

Source – TokyoGraph

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Ueto Aya is appearing with Yoshimoto comedians Chihara Junior ,Atsushi Tamura and Junichi Komoto, in a new series of commercials for Oronamin C energy drink.

Ueto, who has been appearing in ads for the energy drink since 2004, plays an office lady. She said that she seldom gets the chance to have a summer holiday, so she needs all the energy she can get.

Some of Ueto Aya CM :

Source – JapanToday

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