Arashi had toppled the chart with their new hit single called “To Be Free”.

July 9th 2010, they had appeared in Music Station together with Nishino Kana performing her new single “Dear..”, Gossip Candy singing “Lollipop”, TUBE with “Natsu Yasumi” and new song “Shakunetsu Rabu” also VAMPS with “Memories”. They talked about the most memorable song for mothers, big failure during summer vacation and how to propose to a girl.

Music Station revealed the CD single ranking chart and Arashi is the No 1 with their single, “To Be Free” . This song is a theme song for Sakurai Sho’s CM, Mitsuya Cider. They were performing their single for that night. It’s a little bit awkward to watch Arashi who usually perform with their amazing dance to sing lightly due to suit the slow song mood of their new single.

The 2nd place on the chart is from  Arashi’s leader, Ohno Satoshi with his single “Yokai, Tsukai Kaibutsu-kun”. This song was released on the same day as To be Free single, 7th July. It’s a very cute song.

No. 3 is Gossip Candy with her song that she performed on that night, Lollipop. She was very surprised by the chart news, yet happy for being the third place. No. 4 is SKE48, the sub-unit of AKB48 with their song, “Gomen ne Summer” and No 5 is from Kanjani8 with “Wonderful World!!”