KinKi Kids member Koichi Domoto will star as the character Kikuchiyo, who was originally played by legendary actor Toshiro Mifunebased on Akira Kurosawa’s famous 1954 film “Shichinin no Samurai” (“Seven Samurai”).

Yamamoto has apparently been preparing this production for the past three years. Although it is based on the Kurosawa movie, he explained that it will be set in the present day and that the method of expression will be completely different. It is being reported that Yamamoto plans to make it a 90-minute “spectacle show” with no lines of dialogue.

The rest of the “seven samurai” will be played by Akira Emoto (61), Riisa Naka (20), kickboxer Masato (31), Dachou Club’s Ryuhei Ueshima (49), Olympic gymnast Yukio Iketani (39), and dancer Kaiji Moriyama (36). However, the entire cast is said to consist of 500 people.

Yamamoto has designed “samurai fashion” costumes for the show, which will be complemented by lots of visual effects from water to fire to wire-flying. It will be performed at the Ariake Coliseum on November 20-21, with an anticipated total audience of 32,000. However, Yamamoto is hoping to have the show performed overseas as well.

p/s – hope “Seven Samurai” in anime also be on live-action~

Source – TokyoGraph

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