Erika Sawajiri have made headlines again, this time for reports that she has been unreachable for a few weeks. While her mother confirmed that she has not been at home since last month, Sawajiri’s whereabouts still remain unknown to the public. However, a new rumor surfaced on Wednesday night as an evening newspaper claimed that the actress is currently in Taiwan with her husband, Tsuyoshi Takashiro (46), fueling further speculation regarding previous rumors of impending divorce.

Reporters once again rushed to Sawajiri’s apartment in an attempt to get confirmation from her mother, but they failed to get any comment on the matter.

According to the newspaper, Sawajiri and Takashiro were apparently witnessed at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport on September 20, and the article included a photo from behind of two people who appear to be the couple. That was one day before her scheduled appearance at a promotional event for a new hair care commercial, which Sawajiri canceled due to a high fever. If the rumor is true, it would mean that Sawajiri lied to the commercial’s sponsor, which would undoubtedly have an effect on her remaining credibility.

Sawajiri is still trying to secure a management contract with Avex, though the process has apparently halted due to Sawajiri’s disappearance. Since last week’s story, Avex has continued to decline comment, as they do not even have a basic agreement signed with Sawajiri. However, several news outlets report that one of Avex’s conditions was that Sawajiri divorces Takashiro, so this may further jeopardize her chances of securing the contract.

Source – Tokyograph

Posted by Comtrya Sugoi!