Auction number two has ended with 51 bidders and a winning bid of 323,100¥ (approximately $3,765USD) for your piece(s) of Gundam

Update: First auction has significantly revised final bid!

With a winning bid of 323,100¥ someone is taking home a bit of Gundam of their very own. The approximately $3,765USD winning bid is a far less than the first auction of similar parts that were pushed to over $47,000USD. Considering the disparities of the two auction winning bids a to re-visit the first auction is warranted and see some irregularities.

Auction #1 Part set A
gundam auction 1a  
        Auction #2 Part Set Bgundam auction 2a







First Gundam parts charity auction on Yahoo Japan Update: Based on the bid history that is showing that there were two bidders that specifically pushed the final bid over 4 million yen but their bids are no longer in the bid rankings (not surprised!).   {more on jump}  

The final bid of the first auction was is shown to be 345,000¥ but this isn’t correct either and the final bid was negotiated with the legitimate under-bidders. A question about this in the second Gundam parts auction did get a response from a representative of the seller jcv_charity (Google translated, a bit rough but understandable):

Q: What was the final transaction amount of statue part set A, if you can say, if not I understand? We will use that as reference for our bids.

A: Thank you for your question. Last exhibited [charity] to get the parts life-size Gundam statue sold for 449,000¥. Due to the auction system, and the amount that left the table, take this opportunity to apologize that there was a difference in the transaction amount.

The reported final bid of approximately $4,020USD is far less than the initially reported amount. Unfortunately this type of fraudulent bidding is not uncommon and not only hurts the people legitimately bidding on the items but the benefiting Japanese charity (Committee), "Vaccines for the World’s Children." 

You can learn more about this life-size Gundam RX-78 from our previous post, Gundam stands at the central Japanese city of Shizuoka.

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