On July twenty-second, AKB48′s sub-unit No Sleeves (no3b) held a special event for Kotodama no Onnatachi, the au LISMO original drama in which they will play the lead roles and provide the theme song, titled “Kimi Shika” and set to release on August fourth. In the drama, they will portray three girls who use “the power of words” to save modern people worn out from work and love. With members Kojima Haruna, Takahashi Minami and Minegishi Minami each given their own episode for a total of four episodes (five minutes each), the drama, which first became available on July fifth, will reach its conclusion on the twenty-sixth this month.

During the day’s event, fans were able to view a digest version of Kotodama no Onnatachi and take part in a discussion with the girls about their troubles.

One person asked, “I can’t stop eating sweets—what should I do?” Kojima wondered aloud, “I eat nothing but candy, too—is that bad?”, whereas Takahashi answered positively, saying, “When I have dance practice, I eat chocolate and things like that to increase my concentration,” and Minegishi declared, “My favorite candy is hakata-toorimon!” Then, presenting their new song for the first time, they fascinated the audience with their change of expression, matching the tone of the song in a serious performance.

There was a rush of questions regarding the past few days’ rumored relationship between Oshima Yuko and Wentz Eiji in the interview after the event, to which Kojima said, “It’s unfortunate that there was a misunderstanding.

After all, as far as Yuko is concerned, the ‘you’ in ‘no one but you’ refers to me,” laughing as she invoked the title of the new song “Kimi Shika” in her statement. Minegishi added, “Yuko said herself, ‘[The reports] surprised even me!’”, both of them showing their support for their mutual friend.

Source – Sanspo

Translation – aramatheydidnt

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