3 spare parts, 3 decals for 59-foot statue fetches US$47,000 for children’s vaccines

jcv_charity-img450x600Yahoo Auctions! Japan sold three sets of spare parts and three decals from the 1/1-scale Gundam statue for charity for 4,001,000 yen (about US$47,000). The auction ran last week (08/16 to 08/23) and received 224 bids. The charity benefits the Japanese charity (Committee) "Vaccines for the World’s Children." 

The fiberglass-reinforced plastic parts with an urethane-resin coating were previously on display at the Gundam Super Expo, which ran into Tokyo from August 10 to 19. A second set of spare parts will go on auction beginning September 13. 

The three parts shown below, Part A (left) is nearly 24” long from an jcv_charity-img600x450operating part of the hip joint, Part B is from the tip of the feet, and Part C is an exterior detail used throughout the body’s surface. The clear acrylic film decals were made on a thermal wax printer and would have been used on the lower arms and lower legs. jcv_charity-img600x455

The life-size Gundam RX-78, that’s 18-meter-tall or 59-feet tall, statue that previously stood at Tokyo’s artificial Odaiba island last year and now stands at the central Japanese city of Shizuoka, the "model capital of the world" and the home of Bandai’s factory for Gundam plastic models.  {no more on jump}


Images © Sotsu, Sunrise, auctions.yahoo.co.jp